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Scentsy: Electric Candle Warmers & Fine Fragrance Products.

Safety, Simplicity, Quality

Zen Scentsy Warmer Join Scentsy UK, Australia, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Austria Save on Scentsy Products

Scentsy is a popular American direct sales company that expanded into the United Kingdom & Europe in 2011 and is now in Australia , Mexico, France, Austria, Spain and Poland. Its not available in stores and exclusively sold through an independent consultant such as myself. Whether you'd like to purchase Scentsy as a corporate gift, take advantage of the hostess rewards, use it as an opportunity to make a difference through our fund-raisers, have Scentsy displayed at your business, next event or show or just as something to add to your home, Scentsy is the perfect addition.

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Browse all the new Scentsy Products from the Scentsy UK & Europe Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Catalogue (If you live outside of the UK & Ireland you can view the other catalogues in each of the country pages in the top right hand tab) or just click shop now and you can change the flag in top right hand corner. Check out the very popular Songbird Scentsy Element Warmer and the Silhouette Collection Wraps and some of the other favourites like the Itsy Bitsy Halloween Warmer. We've got gorgeous new Scents like our Crumb Top and Autumn Maple Blaze Scentsy bars. People have already been going ga-ga over Scout the Dragon Scentsy Buddy. This time of year is the most popular with Scentsy and with Christmas coming up too. Feel free to get in touch for that special gift or if you need advice on scents to pick


What makes Scentsy Different?

  • There are NO tea lights or open flames, Scentsy is 100% electric
  • Environmentally friendly LED light bulbs gently heat the hot plate which slowly warms the wax
  • Biodegradable, food grade parrafin wax. The same kind of wax that makes apples shiny.
  • Lead free, soot free, no blackened jar candles or oil burners exploding because they get too hot
  • Scentsy wax will never disappear, only the scent. So just imagine how much healthier a Scentsy warmer is to your wick candle?
  • Child and Pet friendly, if they knock over the wax use an iron and it is easily cleanable and wont burn fingers with its low temps.
  • You can leave your Scentsy warmer on 24/7. Some customers have even put their warmer on a timer
  • A 'proper', gorgeous piece of home decor with a choice of over 80 scents to choose from
  • Supporting small business (an individual/family) with incredible customer service to match
  • You can get your favourite Scentsy products for free or 1/2 off when you host a qualifying party
  • Scentsy does far more than most companies who nowdays seem to worry only about the bottom line. One of their main goals is to give more than they take and live this principle in everything that they do. They've encouraged Scentsy consultants to do live in a spirit of generosity and I've tried very hard to adopt this idea in my business.
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    How Scentsy Works:

      Scentsy is SIMPLICITY. Just plug in your warmer, add a cube or two and you're ready to go! When you are done with the wax either let it harden and pop out or pour it back into the Scentsy bar container. Wax can be re-used over and over again until the scent is completely gone. There is no need to add water to the wax. Scentsy candle warmers gently warm the wax instead of burning so our waxes can hold a lot more scent which means a lot more value for you and a gorgeous looking scent and product in your home. It also means that Scentsy is safe for little fingers and even pets. Scentsy is a very popular with dog owners as not only it can help with smells but there's no worry about your furry member of the family knocking over a candle accidentally and setting the drapes on fire.
      Step 1)
      How Scentsy Works
      Plug the cord into your Scentsy warmer
      Step 2)
      Place the dish on your warmer, plug your warmer into the wall outlet, turn it on and place one or more sections of a Scentsy Bar into the warmer dish.
      Step 3How a Scentsy Warmer worksEnjoy!


    Why Host a Scentsy Party?

    • An excuse to have friends over
    • Scentsy parties are pressure to buy, just enjoying the company of others
    • Different parties for different schedules: Home, Basket, Catalogue and Facebook Party option
    • You only need 150£/175EUR to qualify for hostess rewards
    • If money is tight, Hosting a Scentsy Party is a great way to get your favourite products at a discount or even free

    Anytime you hit the qualifying amount in either Euros or British Pounds contact me and I'll give you the hostess rewards. You dont need to host a party to qualify but I know many worry about inviting friends over and the pressure of friends to buy. There's not that pressure with Scentsy although once you smell the scents it wont be a problem for you to reach your qualifying amount!! The easiest is a basket party which means I give you some goodies to try and you take a little basket round to show your friends and collect orders that way! Scentsy is super duper flexible for parties and we WORK AROUND YOU!! You just need to contact me and we can chat about what your ideal night with the girls (or guys) would be.


    The Scentsy Opportunity

    Scentsy is a 'business opportunity' like Avon, Tupperware, etc. which means you would become an Independent Consultant and own your own business but Scentsy would provide the training, commissions and products to sell. There's no experience necessary as all training is given and only thing I'd recommend is a passion for the product, hard work and never giving up. When you join Scentsy you become a part of a 'team' or as I like to call my extended family. I aim to provide as much support as I can and never just leave you to fend for yourself. Scentsy is a very supportive environment so if I'm not available there's forums, support numbers and other consultants who would be more than happy to help you along the way as well. You never know you might end up making friends, increasing your confidence and getting out of your comfort zone all whilst earning the extra money you need for yourself. Its a pretty life changing experience when you join Scentsy as a consultant and I know that anyone who tries their best will be blessed like so many other consultants have with this opportunity.

    If you'd like more information on Joining Scentsy (currently I'm recruiting for Scentsy in the UK, Australia, France, Spain, Austria, Mexica, Poland, Ireland, Germany, USA and Canada) , I have a free PDF with Frequently asked questions and further information. Just scroll back up and enter your email address into the little box. My contact details are next to this box as well so please feel free to give me a call anytime to discuss things or if you've got Facetime or Skype we can chat on that too. I'm more than happy to call you if you live in a different country as well. With cheap phones rates and the internet its very very easy to contact each other. Looking forward to welcoming you to the family very soon!!

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