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Sunday in Richmond Park, London

I've been wanting to do more of non Scentsy posts on this blog for a while.  Chance for you to get to know me better and it breaks posts up of course. I want a chance to show you more of my photography too.  I have another blog but decided what's the point of having all these other websites when I can barely keep up the Scentsy blog I've got.

I went with my partner James to Richmond Park today which is on the outskirts of London.  I've been to Richmond Park for running races before but never fully explored Richmond Village and the park or seen the deer.  The deer roam freely in this park and there's a lot of them.  I think its rather beautiful getting to see these gorgeous creatures doing what they love both and so up close. They are pretty tame and its against the law to hunt or touch them, but they are distant relatives of the deer that Henry VIII brought to the park to hunt.  They can just live without any worry and have plenty of roaming space to go.

The leaves were gorgeous and in their full Autumn glory.  We got a bit lost and werent expecting the park to be as huge as it was.  It took us over an hour to find the exit and then we took the bus back to Richmond Village.  Its quite a posh village with gorgeous shops as most people who live here are quite well off. We found a traditional pub along one of the side streets and had a glorious lunch----I had steak & Ale pie with mash which was divine!!! James his usual burger and chips.  Apologies we dont have pictures of our visit to the village or our pub lunch. 

I feel really good after getting out in the open and definitely want to get back to Richmond.  I felt like I had a trip to the countryside literally and I never left London.  My head feels clear and snoozed a bit when I got home because of all the fresh air and good pub food.

What did you do with your Sunday?

Here's some piccys of the park:

Richmond London

Richmond Park London

Richmond Park London

Richmond London

Richmond London

Richmond London UK

Richmond London

London UK

Royal Parks UK

London Richmond upon Thames


Scentsy Christmas Collection 2014

I'm a bit late posting this but Here's the Holiday Collection Scentsy has put out for the 2014 Christmas season.  That said, in less than 20 days they've already sold out on the red bauble.  Merry and Bright is no more.  These Christmas Warmers are limited edition, so only a finite amount of them in existence and this one went fast.  So if you see any of these others that you like that you want, its best to act as quickly as you can!!!

If you need advice on scents to go with your new Christmas warmers let me know!

Scentsy Christmas Warmers 2015


No Place Like Home Scentsy Warmer

The No Place Like Home Scentsy Warmer is one of my personal favourites for new warmers in the Autumn/Winter Catalogue.  It looks even better in real life and pictures just dont do it justice.  Its a dark red house with a black roof and little lights giving a cozy home feel.  You can leave off the top or put the top on.  The scent escapes through the little stars which if you didnt know are symbols for Scentsy!!  This is a QUALITY warmer, not your cheap-o tea light burners for sure!

Want to make your house feel like a duvet day?  Combine this warmer with Autumn Sunset---Super Comforting, Great for the cooler Autumn nights!

Here's what the Warmer loooks like with the Top on:


No Place Like Home Scentsy Warmer

Here's what she looks like with the Top off:

No Place Like Home Scentsy Warmer


She's gorgeous isnt she?  You can purchase her by clicking the link below:

Buy Scentsy Warmers UK and Europe


Scentsy UK & EU Incentive Trip 2015

The Scentsy Incentive Trip has been announced for the UK and Europe (UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany) and we are off to the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain to Tenerife.   My goal is to earn TWO spots for myself and my partner James who has never been on a Scentsy Incentive Trip. Last year I took my sister on the incentive trip to Greece because my partner was too sick to go.

They've announced the hotels and it looks fantastic.  We are staying at the Costa Adeje Gran Hotel which is a 5 star resort.  We also have two excursions:

-A Dolphin and Whale Watching Boat Trip with swimming in the lovely blue waters!!

-A Jeep Trip and Lunch in Teide National Park.

Scentsy Incentive Trips are a lot easier to earn than one may think.  These are easy achievable if you are working your business.  The points are 20k for one spot and 36k for two.  I've attached some plans of action for earning it.  Is it too late to earn it as the qualification period has already started?  No!!!  You get extra points, 2k for joining in September!


Scentsy Incentive Trip 2015 UK and Europe



Scentsy Incentive Trip 2015 Action Plan Tenerife



Scentsy Christmas Collection 2014

Available from 1st October, the 2014 Scentsy Christmas Collection.  Scentsy have seriously outdone themselves this year dont you think? My personal favourite is the snowman who is so cute, but the red cardinal has caught my eye as well.  Such a gorgeous collection of Scentsy Warmers.  Which one is your favourite?

To order Click on Shop Now yellow Star button until you get to my Scentsy sponsored website and then change your flag for whatever European Country you are from.  These warmers are available Europe and United Kingdom only.  If you are interested in warmers for the USA/Canada/North America for the Holidays let me know as I've got team members globally.

UK/Ireland Scentsy Christmas Catalogue 2014