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Shakespeare would have loved Scentsy

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!!!  I think you are 450 years old today?  I've been to your Globe Theatre in London and I know its the 3rd version of the Globe but I wonder what it was like to listen to one of your awesome plays back then.  I have studied your plays in school and even seem some hollywood peeps like Kevin Spacey perform.  I wish your plays werent soooo long though...seriously most of them are at least 3 hrs?  I know there wasnt much to do back then but how did you not fall asleep?


Shakespeare Scentsy products

Its a shame that there was no electricity back then but if there was I can totally see you penning your plays by Scentsy light instead of candles.  I think you would have gone for the woody smells what do you think?  Would probably remind you of the grand smells of the wood theatres you spent sooo much of your time back then?

A bit of fun......but bet you didnt know that some of our coolest Scentsy products have a bit of a link to some of Shakespeares works?


Scentsy BuddyBramble the Bear Scentsy Buddy: 

Its not very often a live animal is referred to in Shakespeares plays but in 'The Winters Tale' one of the most famous Stage Directions it says the character Exits pursued by a Bear....It was unknown whether they used live bears in the original performances.....Maybe they should have used the Scentsy Buddy instead.








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Apple Press Scentsy Bar:

Apple is one of the most common fruits mentioned in Shakespeare plays.  Its mentioned in:  The Tempest, Twelfth Night, Loves Labour Lost, Merchant of Venice, Taming of Shrew, Henry V, and Henry VIII.








Rose Shakespeare

 Simply Rose Scentsy Bar:

Another one of Shakespeares most used Scents is Rose (s) and these are mentioned in: Two Gentlemen of Verona, Twelfth Night, Much Ado about Nothing, Midsummer Nights Dream, Loves Labour Lost, As you like it, Alls Well, Taming of the Shrew, amongst many others.








What Scentsy Warmer should Shakespeare warm these gorgeous scents in, well the crown of course.....reminiscent of his plays:  Henry V, Richard III, etc.  I prefer the tragedies like Hamlet to Shakespeares very long Histories but even still.

Crown Shakespeare



Crown Scentsy Warmer










So hope it was a great Birthday ole Will!  Here's to another 450 yrs and I know you would have loved Scentsy as much as I do!!! 


Love Scentsy Element Warmer

A simple earthenware surface reflects the sweet purity of Love's message.  Brand New this spring/summer 2014 season.  Part of the Element Warmers collection.  Element Warmers use a heating element to safely warm fragrant wax without illumination.  Just right for offices, halls and bedrooms. 9cm tall.


Love Scentsy Element Warmer


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Love Scentsy Element Warmer


Lace Scentsy Warmer

Capturing the elegant details of intricate lace, this innovative Scentsy warmer is hand-wrapped in genuine lace and dipped in liquid clay before it is kiln fired.  In the kiln, the lace is burned away leaving its exquisite detail in the porcelain.  One of my personal favourite warmers in the new Spring/Summer 2014 Scentsy catalogue.


Lace Premium Scentsy Warmer


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Lace Scentsy Warmer



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Pros and Cons of Working from Home

So had to go to the post office to mail Scentsy orders and cause it was so nice outside I decided to turn it into a long walk and some exercise.  I was thinking whilst I was walking through the blossoming trees that it would be a lot harder to do these long walks if I had a 9-5 job.  I actually love this about working from home is that I can go to the cinema if I want in the afternoon or go out for a walk, go to my favourite Thursday yoga class or take a nap.  I hated fighting the commute every morning on London's transport system and having someones armpit in my face on the tube who hadnt showered in what seemed like months.  I hated how much it cost me to buy a wardrobe for work especially in London----I mean sheesh how hard is it to find a shirt for less than £30?  I remember once when I was in between jobs I got a temp job at a clothes shop and they expected me to be dressed in head to toe of their summer line.....I only worked there 3 weeks before I moved on to a higher paid job but still it took me almost 3 weeks worth of pay to cover what I had had to spend before I even started the job.  This is the problem with Minimum Wage jobs is that by the time you buy the uniforms and pay the transport---You really are paying these people to work for them.  I'm not sure how they can ethically get away with it, but that's another blogpost isnt it?  

So Working From Home for me means freedom in every possible way---my ultimate goal with Scentsy is for it to pay for everything and then it gives me more time to play with my art & photography.  I never felt comfy with the 9-5 thing and working from home is just more my personality.

A lot of people DO work full time whilst they are building up their Scentsy Businesses and because my partner has lost his job due to bad health I'll likely be getting an extra job to supplement things for the time being although long term its definitely not for me.

I wish I was a mum but I know a big drive for people wanting to join Scentsy is the ability to have flexibile enough hours to spend time with their kids.  No matter what kind of job you've got eventually you run out of maternity leave and have to return....but with Scentsy you can make enough to support your family.  People think I'm joking when I tell them that its not uncommon to make 6 figures with this biz.  We cant guarantee income like this of course and it depends on you but its very much possible for you to quit your day job and stay home with your family in direct sales companies like Scentsy.

There ARE cons to working from home and I might as well just be forthright and honest about it all.  You need to schedule proper working hours because if you just wing it, you'll find by the time you've taken care of errands and dishes, etc that your day is over and you havent put in the time to your job that you need to.  You've got to be motivated and consistent otherwise you wont get paid and this will all be pointless of trying to have more freedom for yourself.   The other con is trying to have patience with yourself whilst you are building a business like Scentsy.  You wont make six figures with this business over matter how much you wish otherwise it takes a while to build your business.  People quit and get frustrated with things far too easily because when you own your own business its like birthing a baby----It takes time for the rewards to come but resilience and consistency and working your best every day will eventually pay dividends.  You learn what the meaning of having faith is because that's the only way to get through a business like this.    Another Con of working from home is making sure that you make time to be social and to be around other people.  With Scentsy this isnt really a problem because we're a party plan company but in between parties you could feel a bit iscolated.  Reasons like this is why I go on walks or to the movies or to my favourite Instagram meetups so that I can be around other people and make sure I'm talking more than just to my closet full of Scentsy Buddies if you know what I mean. I said before the Pros/Cons of working from home differ for everyone but this post is my take on it after my 3 years with Scentsy!!