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Afternoon Walk through Ravensbourne Park

We live nearby a teeny little park here in London called Ravensbourne Park.  Its kind of halfway between Deptford, Greenwich, Lewisham and Blackheath on the border.  We've gone there just to get some fresh air before or to go for a quick run as its about a mile and a half  from our house, round the park and then back again.  Its not the biggest of parks but the blossoms in the spring here are great and you can see some pretty amazing birds.  We've seen coutts, Herons, lots of ducks and even swan.  Its a great way to clear the head or have some meditation time.

James and I popped out there this afternoon before heading to Greenwich doing errands.  I love being able to work from home with Scentsy because it means I can go for a walk anytime I want.  There's a great freedom to that which I like that 9-5 jobs just dont give frankly.

So here's some of the pictures of the daffodils and the little pond and stream there.  Even if you may not be able to get out for a walk today, maybe you can live vicariously through me! lol :)


Ravensbourne Park London

Ravensbourne Park LondonRavensbourne Park LondonRavensbourne Park London


Recent Weekends

The weather is getting better here in London, so we've been heading out more and more and trying to explore new and different things.  We've lived here for 14 yrs in London and have realised that there's a lot we havent done.

We booked up a visit to the Sky Garden in Central London.  We went and had afternoon tea up on the 35th floor of the walkie talkie building.  There's a gorgeous little garden there and restaurants and 360 views over the city.  James had never had a chance to see views like this in London, so he really enjoyed it. 

This last weekend just passed (Yesterday) I went to a concert for the City Wind Orchestra and then Saturday we went browsing round to Brixton.  I loved Brixton and thought it was very cute and eclectic.  It reminds me of Deptford actually x 10.  We stopped for cupcakes at the vegan bakery there---Ms Cupcake and then had lunch out.  Sunday we walked through Greenwich Park after going to Blackheath Farmers Market.  The smells of the market were amazing---there was a stall right by the entrance that was cooking homemade sausage rolls with onions on the side.  It was sure yummy to smell and reminds me why I love the farmers markets in London.   In Greenwich Park, the daffadils were starting to bloom.  I know that spring is round the corner when the daffodils come in London that's for sure.

We've also been busy cleaning our flat with a great spring clear out.  Getting things to charity, selling them and everything.  The flat feels so much better and I'd really recommend that if you want to feel better to have a good clear out.

Hope you are well.





Sky Garden London

Sky Garden LondonSky Garden UKLondon UK

London UKUKLondon UKUKLondonLondon, UKLondon


Brushstrokes Scentsy Warmer

Brushstrokes Deluxe Scentsy Warmer

Brushstrokes Scentsy Warmer

A multidimensional work of art, with alternating stripes of rusty red, taupe, and dark green highlighted by metallic brushstrokes.


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Green Marble Scentsy Warmer

Green Marble Scentsy Warmer

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Green Marble Scentsy Element WarmerSmooth, Cool Marble Tones gleam in a patina of bronze and green.  Distinctive metal glaze creates a highly reflective finish that varies with its surroundings.  A beautiful warmer, perfect for college students.  No visible lights although LED lightbulbs gently heat the wax.


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Whirls Scentsy Warmer

Whirls Premium Scentsy Warmer


Whirls Scentsy Warmer

Swirling Coils play across a midnight background.  The Coils arent neon but glow in the dark.

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