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Scentsy UK/Europe Incentive Trip 2014:




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Scentsy Independent Consultant

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Great Ormond Street Scentsy Buddy Appeal


Scentsy Buddy Appeal GOSH

I've done this since 2011, collected Scentsy Buddies for Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital and their Christmas Toy Appeal.  Last Year I was able to give quite a few but this year I've started later so worried about being able to donate as many.  When you shop online with me you'll see a little link....Shop as Normal when you click on the link and 25% of the proceeds from these orders will go to get Buddies. You can also send me Buddies---direct.  You can order some and have them delivered to:


Christine Jolley
16 Colgate House
Armoury Road
London, SE8 4LG


If you look in the closeout section there's more Scentsy Buddies than there are new ones.  I'd also like to mention Roosevelt the Rabbit, He's a bit more than the other Buddies but the proceeds from this one go to Bliss (in the UK, others in Europe) and so this one is a double whammy....If you send this to me not only will it be helping Bliss but Great Ormond Street as well. 

Generosity is a bit part of Scentsy ethos and I really want to do some good for some kiddos.  It doesnt cost you anything extra, just regular shopping for your Scentsy goodness.

Looooove this time of year when we can make such a difference like this!!!


Scentsy Christmas Shipping Dates 2014

Scentsy Christmas Shipping Dates 2014

Behind on your Christmas shopping? Want to know last date for ordering Scentsy to ensure delivery to put under the tree for Santa?


14 December for the UK/Europe


Other Scentsy Regions:

-11 December Canada

-18 December USA

-11 December 2014 (in Australia) for orders shipped to the following postal codes: Queensland 4600 to 4999, Western Australia 6200 to 6999, and Northern Territory 0800 to 0899

-14 December 2014 (in Australia) for orders shipped to the rest of Australia


Outside of Europe/UK you cant order from me, but you can join my global Team as a consultant.  If you would like to find a consultant in your Region, please dont hesitate to contact me.


Need Gift Ideas?  I'd be happy to help.

Free Gift Wrapping and Delivery for Londoners (zones 1-3 only).


Scentsy Christmas Collection 2014

To me part of the Christmas Season is the gorgeous smells and what better way to have a house smelling like the holidays than with Scentsy.  I'm going to be writing my Xmas gift guides in the next few days but here's our specific holiday warmers.  We've already had Merry and Bright sell out within just a few weeks which looked like the cutest little Christmas Bauble ever.   I personally own the Snowman, The Starburst Snowflake Wrap and hoping to get the cardinal this year.  I'd love to hear what your favourites are in the comments below.

 Scentsy Christmas 2014

Joy to The World
Scentsy Warmer Wrap
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 Santa Claus Christmas Scentsy Warmer

Saint Nick
Scentsy Warmer
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 Sleigh Candle Burner Christmas

Santas Sleigh
Scentsy Warmer
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 Snowburst Scentsy Warmer Wrap UK and Europe

Snowburst Scentsy
Warmer Wrap
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 Snowman Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Warmer
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 Tux the Penguin Scentsy

Tux the Penguin
Scentsy Warmer
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 Nutcracker Scentsy UK and Europe

Nutcracker Limited Edition
Scentsy Warmer & Ornament
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Cardinal Burner Scentsy Warmer 

Cardinal Scentsy
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 Christmas Scentsy Scents UK Europe

Holiday Collection
Scentsy Bars
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Elf the Movie



Australia Scentsy Incentive Trip 2015:  Bali

I have to admit I'm a little jealous that Australia Scentsy Consultants are going to freaking BALI for their Incentive Trip in 2015.  I mean COME ON...seriously can this get any more dreamy????  A FREE vacation to BALI???  Wasnt part of Eat, Pray Love in Bali????  Yep that one!!!

So guys its not too late to join and earn this incentive.  Scentsy actually gives you catch up points when you joinI've posted some details about it below.  Why would you want to get sponsored by someone in the UK when you're in Australia???  I'm experienced for one and already have had in past Australian Consultants.  Scentsy is a GLOBAL family and business and you will be sponsoring globally people in your own business...You might as well have a sponsor with someone who understands this.  Time Difference??  Dont worry....with the whole technology thing you'll probably hear more from me than you want!! ;)


Join Scentsy Australia

Local doesnt mean better.  You could have a sponsor 1 mile down the road and never hear from them.  Its the person that's the most important when deciding on picking a sponsor.  So get in touch and have a chat with me and decide for yourself if I'd be a good fit for what you hope for your business.  I promise that I'd do my very best to support you and be your biggest cheerleader through this.

As long as you promise to sneak me in your suitcase to Bali though....SOOOOO jealous!!!


Join Scentsy Australia 

Scentsy Australia


Bali Incentive Trip 2015 Scentsy




Cobbled Leather Scentsy Warmer

Cobbled Leather Scentsy Warmer:  A swirling mosaic of burnished red ochre enhances this simple warmer with the look of cobbled leather.  Will add a look of sophistication to any home.  


Cobbled Leather Scentsy Warmer


£33/€40 (Prices may vary for Mainland Europe)


Cobbled Leather Deluxe