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1 yr Scentsiversary: My first Party

This week not only marks my 1st yr Scentsiversary (my first year with Scentsy) but also the very first birthday of Scentsy's Expansion into Europe.  I'll be marking this week with a lot of reflections looking back at my yr with the company as an Independent Consultant as well as a few lighthearted posts as well to mark the occasion.

The below blog post I'm reposting from 2011.  It was my belated launch party:




Because of all the bank holidays, royal weddings, etc. etc...I postponed my Scentsy launch party till today.  It was a small turnout but was enjoyable for those that did make it.  75% of my guests decided they loved Scentsy and placed orders, 90%% took away catalogues to show their friends.  So in my books it was a successful day!


Here are some pictures:



scentsy party

scentsy party




scentsy party




scentsy party

scentsy party



scentsy party


 scentsy party






Entertaining the little ones and having our portraits done. :)


A great day.



Looking back I regret not doing my launch party initially right off the bat.  I think I was a bit fearful that no one would come to be honest because of all the bank holidays and what not at the time. 

I also think its interesting to see how little choice we had in products initially....not a lot of colour.  I really did like the warmers and Boho was one of my favourites which seems funny now.  Scentsy was taking it gentle when they opened up here.  They made the right decision because we've now expanded our product range massively in the space of a year.  To think of how few warmers we had initially to how many we have now, plus Scentsy buddies, plus perfume, plus travel tins....the growth has just been incredible.

I'm quite proud of myself for taking the leap with doing Scentsy.   If you knew me personally you'd know that I'm not the party type of person or particularly social.  In 10 yrs of being in the country as an expat I could count the friends I had on one hand.  To join a PARTY PLAN company....well its not something you would expect me personally to do.

I've learned a lot about what makes a successful party....and most importantly what NOT to do.  Thinking back at this last year....boy I've made a lot of mistakes.  But I'm far far stronger than I was a yr ago.

Here's to many more Scentsy parties in the future..........

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