Have you ever seen the Palettes by the blog Design Seeds all over Pinterest?  They take regular colourful, beautiful pictures and disect them to their simplest form....COLOUR.

Its snowing outside with this huge blanket of white everywhere.  I think what better way of getting rid of the winter blues....and the blues about not being able to visit Scentsy friends in Ireland this weekend....by doing a take on these Palettes. 

I love the colour that we've had in this seasons catalogue.  I hope to see even more pastels for spring.  We will find out what we're getting for the spring catalogue soon when we go to World Tour next month.  Looking forward to a sneak peak at what we've got to look forward to.

So enjoy this burst and palette of colour....and look for this blog series throughout these cold wintry months.  Hoping it will brighten your days and remind you that warmer times are just around the corner. 




Azure Scentsy Warmer


Easter Egg Scentsy Warmer

Aqua Scentsy Warmer

Babys Breath Scentsy Warmer


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