With the wet weather we've had in London this week I would love to get away to the Mediterranean again for the warmth, food and gorgeous colours.  So thus my Decor ideas today for Scentsy is inspired by my trip to the South of France back in 2005.  It was in the winter but it was warm enough to sit outside in the cafe's and the ocean was just as blue. I find it interesting how all the houses and the rooftops seemed to compliment the pastel blue of the ocean...with soft corals, grays, pinks and light greens.  But isn't mother nature the perfect person to consult for home design?

The Mediterranean


South of France




I've picked the Armerina full size Scentsy warmer....with a "cool blue of the Mediterranean in a design reminiscent of ancient Roman sculpture" and the Contenta Mid size Scentsy Warmer with a creamy tan colour and 'sandy' base.  For Scentsy bars I've picked:  'Ocean', 'Mediterranean Spa' and as these pictures are from the south of France 'French Lavender'.

Scentsy Mediterranean Decor Inspiration


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