Scentsy EU Incentive Trip 2013


Well I fly out on Friday to Barcelona.  I've added an extra 4 days on to the Scentsy EU Incentive Trip.  If I hadnt I would have flown all the way to Barcelona for free and never gotten to see Barcelona as most of others are going direct to the boat.  I've never been to the city so I figured why not and so this trip is going to be like a 9 day holiday for me which is unusual because its been AGES since I've gone on a trip by myself and its never been for THIS long should be interesting and fun.

I have never gone on a cruise before so this is exciting and a brand new experience.  I never expected in my wildest dreams I would have earned the trip but with the help of my team and my customers I managed to pull it off.  Scentsy incentive trips are pretty legendary but I have absolutely no idea what to expect but just know that because its Scentsy I'll be well taken care of. 

Its been tough recently with my health and stuff at home so I'm looking forward to getting away and it will be warmer there.  I could use some heat.......London has just been so freaking cold and its been a long long winter. I'll be flying out on the 3rd and will have until the 5th to enjoy Barcelona by myself.  I then board the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas boat on Sunday around lunchtime ish.  We then depart Barcelona at 5pm and are then off to Cannes, France.  We arrive on Monday where we dock and then have the morning to ourselves in Cannes.  I have already researched and there's an antique market, an old city, the festival of Cannes building and of course the beach that I'll be seeing.  It wont take very long to see it as everything is very very close by.  Around lunchtime we then go on an excurision driving round and through the French Riviera and Cote D'azure.  On Tuesday we head to La Spezia, which is a port near the Cinque Terre.  The Cinque Terre is a collection of 5 coastal villages very close together.  You can walk it although we wont have time to as we will be off to Florence and Pisa for a day of our own.  I've been to Florence before but looking foward to just wandering the streets a little bit and having some lazy time.  Wednesday is Roma.  There's a tour of the Colloseum, St Peters Square where the Vatican is and then free time.  I'm looking forward to having some lunch at Babington Tea House and then gelato.....loads and loads of Gelato. :)  I'm also looking forward to taking loads of pictures.  I'm a bit of a photo geek and I'll be bringing two or three cameras (havent decided yet) but looking forward to doing this.  On Thursday its a cruising day which means we get to take advantage of the ship and the pool and everything.  We then have a formal night on Thursday evening where we all dress up in black ties and dresses for a last farewell.  On Friday I'll be going back to Barcelona to finish off and enjoy the city before I fly back to London on the Sunday.

Its been far too long since I've done anything for myself and very much looking forward to just having a break for once.  I know that this trip will go far far too quickly and its likely I'll be pretty sad to leave.

If you are interested in joining Scentsy and working towards the incentive trip next year, please dont hesitate to contact me. :)


Scentsy Incentive Trip



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