Money tight?  Looking for a chance to buy Scentsy but have a budget? There's quite a few options for you actually to purchase your favourite Scentsy Buddies for £25 and under.  Betcha didnt know that.  With Christmas coming saving money and making your money go as far as possible is something that I know is on all of your minds. x

Save Scentsy money

The picture above is just a sampling.  The element warmers are £25, Scentsy Buddies are £25 and include your choice of Scent Pak for free (usual price of £7), our six bar pack of Scentsy Bars is £25 which means you get a whole bar for free.  I would then recommend hitting the Pamper Range and the Washer Whiffs.  We've got a few combine and save packs for less than £25, but you can do your own mix and matching of like the body spray, lotion, shower cream, etc for under £25.  They are quite substantial so making up your own pamper pack will be a fantastic gift and no one will be the wiser about you spending less than £25 on the gift.

Another way to save money with Scentsy is to host a Scentsy party.  You dont have to have a proper home party it can be anytime you collect £150 in orders or above, just contact me and you'll be able to claim to free and 1/2 off goodies. 


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