Hostess Rewards with Scentsy never seem to make complete sense unless you can visualise them.  So this is exactly what I've done---I'll be explaining Hostess Rewards in pictures:

 So....The minimum sales to get any hostess rewards are £150 however the average sales for a Scentsy party with me hover around the £500 mark.  When you host you get two types of rewards:  Free and 50% off any products. 

 For a £500 Scentsy Party this is an example of how much you'd get in FREE product:

Scentsy Hostess Rewards


For a £500 party you would get your choice of 3 1/2 price it would then start looking like this:


host Scentsy


But we're not done yet.  When you host a party with me...when people at your party book their own get another 1/2 price item for Free!  The average party with me gets 3 party bookings, so here is what our stash of Scentsy goodies now looks like:



Now this isn't all......You as a hostess as a special thanks get a free hostess gift so in the end this is what your pile looks like:

host scentsy

Birthday, Christmas, mothers day, Easter gifts, etc.....all sorted in just one night of hosting a party.


So who would like to host a Scentsy party with me now?


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