I have been waiting on my film getting back before I posted any pics from the Mediterranean Cruise and they have taken forever because I had them developed in the USA.  There's A LOT and I wasnt sure if I should only post my favourites or post a collection....but decided I want to start in the place I spent the most time in....Barcelona....I spent a couple of days here before and after the Scentsy EU Incentive Trip (about a month ago now can you believe it?) and I ADORED this place...ADORED IT.  Great food----oh my word the TAPAS, Spanish Guitar buskers who were on every corner and my favourite place was the Parc Guell that looked over the city.  I saw a lot of art...Gaudi----soooo much Gaudi, Picasso and was struck by how gorgeous the city was.  It reminded me of Paris because of the light and I love Paris. The style of the buildings was gorgeous and I definitely want to go back again.  I had gone out a few days before the cruise to Barcelona and stayed a few days afterwards....I'm really glad I stayed as long as I did because I needed the break!!!!

I spent quite a lot of time alone this trip which I was ok about.  Everyone had their own groups of friends which was fine but to be honest I really wanted to see these cities on my own because I'm quite a 'serious' and 'gung-ho' traveller and trips mean so much to me.....and if I had done the 'social' thing sitting next to the pool the whole time or going round with other people....I would have never seen the things I wanted and I would have been annoyed with myself.  This was my first break for just ME in YEARS...YEARS and I didnt want to do what other people might want to do...I wanted to be selfish and do what I wanted.  Plus things have been a bit crazy at home for a while....so wanted PEACE, QUIET AND SOLITUDE.  So if you dont see many pics of Scentsy sisters or brothers that's the reason for it.  I wasnt trying to be a party pooper. :)

Anyway....Here you go.  These are a combination of film and digital.  The Film pics were taken on a vintage Yashica Mat 124g which is a new venture of mine as I'm trying to learn medium format fim (twice as big as your old 35mm that you used to have).  I do love photography and am a work in progress when it comes to this and still learning but this trip was a fantastic opportunity to fill my creative bucket and I hope you enjoy these pics as much I enjoyed taking them.  I will post the other places we went this week--there's just too many pics to share. x





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