The last country we went to was Italy and we had stops in Florence, Pisa and Rome.  There wasnt much time in either but I had been to these countries before which was nice so I didnt feel too bad.  Rome I went off on my own and went and had afternoon tea at the Spanish Steps, went to Villa Borghese to see the city and I just had a fantastic time.  Italy is one of my most favourite places on the planet and this was the most enriching, glorious part of the whole trip.

I wish I could really explain in words how much this trip meant to me.  At the end of the trip I felt strong, confident and relaxed.  This trip had kept me going and inspired for an entire year which I am just so grateful about.  I would have never gone on a cruise in my lifetime were it not for Scentsy.

I look forward to the other experiences I will be having in future incentive trips.  I think that's the best thing about Scentsy is that you really never know what to expect and how much you'll grow and accomplish as a person and this doesnt even include your business....Its been very much a spiritual journey with Scentsy and one that you'll find too when you join.  I've had some very big ups and downs with Scentsy but I would never change anything and I do believe there was a reason I was led to it.  Call it crazy sounding or stupid but nothing is by accident and I truly feel that Scentsy has just been a very big gift in my life.

I cant believe its been a month since the trip and as I look back on the pictures I've posted in the last few days my heart wishes I was back there and that every day was incentive trip day.  But where one thing ends there's always a beginning and other things to look forward onward and upward and one must embrace what's coming.

Anyway....Enjoy the pics:



Scentsy Incentive Trip UK

Scentsy Europe Incentive Trip Italy







Some of my time on the cruise ship:


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