OK please dont hate me but I'm very very slow at catching on to this whole Downtown Abbey thing.  I never had really heard about it until recently.  Yes I know I must be living under a big Scentsy rock, but I'm slowly coming to understand how seriously awesome this show is.  I've been watching some of the old seasons to try to 'get with the programme'  and I have to say I'm loving the style for one and the gorgeousness of course of England.  I have to admit they must probably get very cold in that house of theirs and we wouldnt want it to burn down with candles would we?  So lets just play make believe for a minute and picture what kind of Scentsy warmers would go perfectly.  Obviously I'm picking warmers in the 'Traditional Style' but I've thrown in a few you might not expect.  I'm a newbie to the show so if any of you diehard fans think I'm completely off my rocker for my warmer picks, do give your suggestions for better warmer pics in the comments below. 

Turret Full Size Scentsy Warmer: 

The Sleek Black and lines are perfect done you think?... and adding the texture gives it a 'modern twist'



Castille Scentsy Wrap......I think this fits far better with their to die for clothes.  A touch of old style with signs of 'the new' around the corner.  I also think the wrap is reminiscent of the House in the background?  What are your thoughts?


Jane Scentsy Warmer:  Ok, I just threw this one in to the mix because its very 'Period Drama'.  It was actually named after one of the daughters of the owners of Scentsy (Heidi and Orville Thompson) whose name is Jane.  It makes me think of Jane Eyre this warmer and is oh so English.  It helps that its one of our very best sellers GLOBALLY...yes global.....when it first came out a few catalogues ago....it was the best seller in ALL countries.  Pretty impressive eh?

Contenta Scentsy Warmer:  I picked this one because of its simplicity.  The whole upstairs/downstairs thing slightly annoys me because of how servants were treated, but I think this lovely little warmer would make the downstairs far less dreary.  It also goes very well with their outfits which is brownie points. 

Bride Full Size Scentsy Warmer:  Well this one is obvious why I picked it although it would be even more perfect if these were lilies instead of roses.  I havent yet gotten to the wedding episode so looking forward to seeing the outfits.  I love her dress though, very simple but yet very elegant.

Natures Haven Scentsy Warmer:

Not a fan of hunting, but I think this warmer perfectly captures the great outdoors.  The picture doesnt do it justice to be honest and I've had a few customers put it in their conservatory.

Heirloom Scentsy Warmer:    I love the touch of lace on Dame Maggie Smith's parasol.  You dont need to be a senior to love this warmer though as its gorgeous in real life.  You can see that it glows as well which makes it quite comforting to use especially at night.  I'm a big fan of Maggie Smith as an actor.  I saw her in a play with her good friend Judi Dench here in London on the West End.  Absolutely brilliant in every way.  I went backstage to meet her, but unfortunately she had already left (I got to meet Judi Dench though).


So what do you think of the picks?  Would you make any changes?  Also.....have you heard when its due to come back on ITV for the new season?



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