I've been spreading the Scentsy love round London with flyers, handout, samples, etc....doing anything and everything to try to increase the brand recognition here in the UK.  It can be quite difficult when a company isn't as well known (yet).  I know that handouts tend to go unnoticed like most takeaways menus, etc but you have to try everything.  I've done the same with approaching businesses....its time consuming but you do what you can to get the word out.  I know this isn't your typical Scentsy post....but--I kinda like sharing what I get up to as a Scentsy consultant.

Decided to hit a more central location so I picked---South Kensington to pass out some host Scentsy brochures:

South Kensington



Kensington London


London bikes


Blackheath--SE London.  I've hit this area quite hard already but I'm finishing off a few streets I haven't hit.  I love this place, so gorgeous.....so quiet. x




London church

London door




If you can think of an area that could use some Scentsy Love in London, leave a comment below. x


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