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Mothers Day Gift Ideas Spring 2014

Mothers Day in the United Kingdom is not far away now (March 30) and I've got some ideas for the perfect gift for mum to show her you care.  Instead of gifts that dont last, give her the gift of Scentsy. 

If you order online I'd allow 10 working days to get the gift in time, so latest I'd order is the 19th of March to ensure delivery. 

We've got some great new warmers that would be especially perfect for your mum this holiday and they happen to be a few of my favourites, the Love Scentsy Element Warmer and the Lace Warmer:

Scentsy UK Mothers Day Gifts 2014

Scent Wise I'd do the following six Scentsy bars and of course you can put them in our combine and save multi-Pack.  Here's my picks:



Coconut Lemongrass

A wink & a Smile

Zen Garden

Aussie Plum

Sugar Cookie


If you are in the London area I can do free gift wrapping just give me a ring on 07447644586 and I can totally help you.  I also have some old season Scentsy warmers left that can be bought last minute as well.

I'm here to help you make your mum happy this mothers day so anything you need just give me a ring. x


Scentsy for Mum

Mothers DayFrom Left to Right:  My Niece, My Mum, My sister


Mothers Day is coming up here in the UK pretty soon---10th March to be exact.  I always tend to forget the UK dates because I'm American and we've always celebrated Mothers Day in May.

I dont get to see my mum very much because I live over here and Ive never been blessed with children, so the word Mother has never really taken a personal meaning for me.  But I can tell you about my mum.

She's the glue that has held our family together and always makes time for all of us.  Even with me being across the pond and thousands of miles away, we still talk on the phone and on Facetime and Skype.  She's always worked incredibly hard, soooooo hard.  She's been a teacher of special needs kids for over 37 yrs and put such long hrs in at work but would still come home to all of us and keep the family going.

She's not afraid to have fun as you can see from the picture below.  It was freezing and her knees probably hurt her because of her arthritis, but she knew that my niece wanted to fly they did.

Mothers Day


My mum was thrilled when I joined Scentsy (she already had warmers at her house) and was excited what it meant for me and my life.  She's encouraged me through it all and has always said to keep going even when I've been so discouraged at times with it.   I could hear her screaming down the other end of the phone in excitement when I managed to earn the incentive trip for Scentsy at the end of Jan. 

This is what mum's do.....they love in the happy and rough times and I dont care what age you are....there's nothing better after a very hard day to hear the sound of your mum on the other end of the phone.

I am pretty grateful for my mum as I know all of you guys are for yours.   Of course if I can get the pennies together, I'm sending my mum Scentsy for Mothers Day.  I've got the perfect gift idea and no I'm not going to say because my mum reads this blog and I dont want to ruin the surprise.  :) 


If you want to show appreciation for your Mom/Mum/grandmother this Mothers Day, Scentsy is the perfect gift.  Look for the new Spring Scentsy UK catalogue to appear on the website from 1 March as there's some gorgeous new products.  If you'd like to save money on shipping or get anything at 10% off, please contact me ASAP as this month there's a SCENTSY SALE!!!  and I'll be putting in a personal order on Monday for Scentsy and I can add orders to that.  x

If you need ideas for personal favourite from the new catalogue is Lilacs and Violets, but feel free to ring me on 02086921815 and we can discuss what Scents you're mum would love.




Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Scentsy

pic from HERE


Mothers Day is coming soon here in the UK, although in the US and Canada its not till May.  If you need gift ideas well keep reading........



pic from HERE











there's the:















The Cupcake Midsize Scentsy Warmer will be available 1 March. xoxo


Need ideas for Scentsy Bars?  More than happy to give suggestions for these too as there's 80 scents and over 50 warmer styles to choose from.  We've also got Scentsy solid perfume, travel tins and drawer sachets....loads of gift ideas for that special someone.


Finally...Just for a laugh:







-What kind of gifts do you usually give on mothers day?  Let me know in the comments below.


P.S.  live outside of the UK....but in can still order from me! ;)  US and Canada me cause I know people who you can buy from. x