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Scentsy UK/Europe Incentive Trip 2014:




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Composition of Fragrance Oils used by Scentsy

We also learned a bit about the composition of Fragrance Oils that Scentsy uses in their products at World Tour.  Here's a bit of information taken from the sheet we were given:

Scentsy uses a combination of natural and synthetic oils in all our fragrances for a variety of reasons, but ultimately, the selection is based on what will give the end user the best, most consistent experience.

Natural Oils

-Oils extracted from plants or flowers via steaming are called essential oils

-Oils extracted from plants or flowers via chemical or solvent processes are called absolutes

-Of the 4k raw ingredients available for fragrance, about 400 are natural

Synthetic Oils

-Overcome allergies and reduce concerns about toxicity and causticity

-Create an environmentally friendly alternative to natural oils

-Increase the palate of safe ingredients available

-Provide consistency in the fragrance character

Scentsy Fragrance complies with all four governing bodies that determine fragrance oil safety:

-Research Institute for Fragrance Manufacturing (RIFM): an internationally recognised organisation that conducts research, testing and evaluation to encourage uniform safety standards related to the use of fragrance ingredients.

-International Fragrance Association (IFRA):  the official representative body of the fragrance industry worldwide.  Specifically, IFRA develops guidelines for usage based on product type.

-Reach and the Consumer Labeling Protocol:  REACH is the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use. 

-United States Environmental Protection Agency: (EPA)- Maintains material safety data sheets (MSDS) on every ingredient and ensures substances are environmentally safe. 



Structure of Scentsy Fragrance Design


Are you curious how Scentsy Structures their fragrances?  Well I learned about Scentsy's Fragrance Design structure at World Tour a few weeks ago and would like to share with you what I've learned:

Top Notes:  are what you smell first.  When you warm a fragrance, they evaporate first;  this happens between 21-49° C.

Mid Notes:  also called heart notes, give a fragrance its character.  When you warm a fragrance, they evaporate second;  this happens between 49-71° C.  In a Scentsy fragrance, they typically last 24 hrs longer than top notes.

Base Notes:  Give the fragrance longevity.  Sometimes you can't even detect the base notes from a bar without warming it.  When you warm a fragrance, they evaporate last;  this happens between 71-104° C.  Typically, they can last as long as 3-5 days.  If you warmed a bar for three straight days, all that would be left is the base notes.

Scentsy Wax melts at 49° C;  its formulated to be warmed at 56° C in our warmers.  Additional or prolonged heat causes ingredients to evaporate faster.  As you can see from the evaporation temperatures of the top, mid, and base notes, our warmers are designed to keep the wax at a temperature which maintains the mid and base notes.  So we don't lose those top notes too soon, the fragrance pyramid in our Scentsy bars is inverted; that is our bars are top note heavy.  We do this because we want the fragrance you smell when you first open a bar to last over time. 


The Nine Olfactive Families of Scentsy

When Scentsy creates their fragrances they always tend to land in one of 9 Olfactive Families.  What does Olfactive mean? 

olfaction /ol·fac·tion/ (ol-fak´shun). 1. smell; the ability to perceive and distinguish odors

I think with perfumes it varies a bit and these are just the starting point to describe the scents.  Those scent experts out there, I'd love to hear what you think what scents may be a part of what Olfactive Family?  Most are more than one because of the Top, Mid and Base Notes which is what you smell with Scentsy at different temperatures and lifespan of your little cube you add to the top of your warmer dish.

1- Citrus:

Mandarin, Bergamot, Lime, Grapefruit

2- Green:

Basil, Spearmint, Triplal, Peppermint, Thyme

3- Ozonic/Aquatic

Calone, Aldehyde C11, Aldehyde C12

4- Floral

Rose, Muguet, Jasmine, Mimosa, Gardenia

5- Fruity

Peach, Raspberry, Melon, Apple, Strawberry

6- Spice

Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon


Vanilla, Caramel, Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Butter

8- Musk

Amrettolide, Galaxolide

9- Woody

Sandalwood, Patchouli, Fir Balsam, Cedarwood, Olibanum


So lots of weird names in these categories dont you think?  I had no idea that Scent fragrance was SOOO complicated, but apparently its a completely whole different field of study!



Solid Perfumes by Scentsy (FAQ)

Q. What is Scentsy Solid Perfume made of?

A. Scentsy Solid Perfume is a cosmetic-grade product that includes natural and synthetic fragrances in a base made of a blend of natural oils, waxes, and cosmetic powders. The material used in the base is approximately 70 percent natural.

Q. Does it include any allergens or toxins?
A. Scentsy Solid Perfume contains
no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, genetically modified organisms, dyes, peanut products, benzene, propylene glycol, or silicone. People with sunflower seed allergies should avoid use of this product.

Q. Is Scentsy Solid Perfume tested on animals?
A. No.

Q. I’ve noticed white, powdery streaks on my clothes or skin after using Scentsy Solid Perfume. Why?

A. Non-permanent streaks may appear on skin or clothes if Scentsy Solid Perfume is not rubbed into skin. To remove, simply treat the white streaks the same way you would a deodorant stain. Scentsy Solid Perfume should not be applied as a deodorant under the arms.

Q. How do I apply Scentsy Solid Perfume?

A. Smooth the product onto your skin and gently rub in. If you choose to rub the product in with your fingers, wash them after contact with soap and water to avoid later contact with the eyes. Scentsy Solid Perfume is intended for use by adults and is for external use only.

Q. How long will Scentsy Solid Perfume last?
A. The fragrance in Scentsy Solid Perfume has a shelf life of one year. The amount of time it lasts on your skin depends on your own body chemistry, but Scentsy Solid Perfume contains the highest concentration and quality of fragrance oils possible—giving the wearer the longest lasting solid perfume experience available.
For best results, keep the clear cap on the white solid perfume base. The cap will extend the product’s shelf life while also protecting against spills, which can occur if the wax reaches the melting point of 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celcius) or above and liquefies.

Q. Why doesn’t my Scentsy Solid Perfume smell exactly like my Scentsy Bar with the same name?
A. Each Scentsy Solid Perfume was designed from an existing Scentsy fragrance, but each scent has been reformulated with higher-grade fragrance oils meant to be worn on the body. The fragrance we use in Scentsy Solid Perfume is meant to interact with your own skin and chemistry, resulting in a different—and deeply personal—fragrance on each wearer.

Q. Can I use my Scentsy Solid Perfume in my Scentsy Warmer?
A. No. Scentsy Solid Perfume is
meant to be applied to the skin, not to be used in a warmer, so the fragrance experience wouldn’t be comparable.

Q. Is Scentsy Solid Perfume good for my skin?
A. Yes! Scentsy Solid Perfume is designed to nourish and condition your skin with vitamins A, C, and E.

Q. Can I use Scentsy Solid Perfume on my face?
A. It is not designed to be used on your face; if Scentsy Solid Perfume comes in contact with your eyes, flush with water