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Scentsy UK/Europe Incentive Trip 2014:




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Scentsy Independent Consultant

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Scent Paks

Scent Pak     Scentsy                         Scentsy products

    Autumn Sunset         Black Raspberry Vanilla                     French Lavender        Hemingway



Scent Pak           Scent Pak       Scent Pak          Scent Pak

Honey Pear Cider              Newborn Nursery             Sweet Pea + Vanilla          Vanilla Cream



Scent Paks can be used in a Scentsy Buddy, your closet, drawer, gym locker, car. You can also put it in your pillow case or just inside your hot water bottle cover.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is just around the corner (if you can believe).  Here are some recommendations for that special someone:




Margot Scentsy Warmer

Margot Scentsy Warmer

A shimmering metallic reactive-glaze finish and exquisitely embossed details punctuated by creamy faux pearls create a feeling of romance.    


Jane Scentsy Warmer


Jane Scentsy Warmer:

Scrolling, wrought-iron details frame Jane’s romantic glowing window, set in an Edwardian-inspired column.



Scentsy Bars  to go with these warmer ideas:

Anything from the Romance Collection


Solid Perfume

Love Story Solid PerfumeInnocent pink jasmine and sensual amber embraced by luscious dark chocolate.






Onyx Scentsy Warmer

Onyx Scentsy Warmer

Sophisticated and bold, Onyx is a sleek interpretation of Jazz Age design in deep ebony with chestnut undertones.


Scentsy Bar ideas


Solid Perfume

Who said men can't have a solid perfume.  This is Simply Irresistible and its our one and only unisex fragrance:

"Lavender with a strong, woody background of amber, moss, and musk."     




Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy warmer    scentsy warmer      scentsy warmer       scentsy warmer

         La Paz                           Jadestone                         Graphite                               Chateau

     Scentsy Warmer             Scentsy Warmer               Scentsy Warmer                    Scentsy  Warmer




        Cosmos                            Hydro                                 Rosso                               Soho

     Scentsy Warmer              Scentsy Warmer                  Scentsy Warmer            Scentsy Warmer





          Quill                                              Raven                              Mission Slate

     Scentsy Warmer                            Scentsy Warmer                   Scentsy Warmer


 To buy Any mid size scentsy warmers click on the link.






Scentsy Buddy

Dont you love these adorable Scentsy Buddies?

Scentsy BuddyScentsy BuddyScentsy BuddyScentsy Buddy

      Mollie the Monkey          Lenny the Lamb                Ribbert the Frog              Penny the Pig



Scentsy BuddyScentsy BuddyScentsy BuddyScentsy Buddy


   Ollie the Elephant             Patch the Dog                   Pooki the Polar Bear           Scratch the Cat



Scentsy Buddy


    Roarbert the Lion



Solid Perfume

To purchase Scentsy solid perfume Click the link.

Enchanted Mist Scentsy                       Love Story Scentsy


                       'Enchanted Mist'                                                   'Love Story'

                        Solid Perfume                                                      Solid Perfume

         Romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced and                    Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber

         sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine.                        embraced by luscious dark chocolate.



My Wish Scentsy                          Satin Sheets Scentsy


                            My Wish                                                                  Satin Sheets

                      Solid Perfume                                                          Solid Perfume   

            A confection of earthy fig,                                                 Sensual and earthy sandalwood

     sweet violet, and playful marshmallow                                      perfectly paired with rich warm

          will have you wishing for more.                                            vanilla.                                                                                                                   



Simply Irresistible Scentsy

Simply Irresistible

Solid Perfume

Lavender with a strong, woody background

of amber, moss, and musk.


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