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Scentsy UK/Europe Incentive Trip 2014:




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Scentsy Independent Consultant

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Hitting the streets with Scentsy: around Greenwich (London, UK)

I hit the streets of London (UK) today for the 3 day in a row today with Scentsy in hand approaching businesses who might want to have Scentsy in their shops.  Scentsy makes a great addition to a business or office.  There's no flame so there's no fire hazard with Scentsy and its a great way to create a feeling of relaxation.  Today I hit Deptford and part of Greenwich that I hadn't been to yet.  I live in SE London and I find that there's so many quirky streets when you least expect.  Deptford High Street has a huge density of nail and beauty salons, so thus I spent quite a long time there.  Not sure if you've ever been to Greenwich here in the UK but its an amazing little village...enough so that in the 2012 Olympics the horse jumping event will be in our own Greenwich Park.  Love photography if you haven't noticed and what a perfect reason to take some photos whilst spreading the Scentsy love today.  It was a gloriously sunny spring day...sun is such a nice blessing when it comes to the UK.






Scentsy UK

London UK


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Scentsy World Tour 2012 : In Pictures


First ever Scentsy World Tour 2012


Birmingham, England




Birmingham Birmingham

Birmingham Birmingham




Scentsy World Tour Scentsy Consultant  

Scentsy staff


At Convention we had 50 attend, World Tour = 200



Scentsy Silhouette

Scentsy candles Scentsy travel tin Contenta Mid Size WarmerScentsy Baby Buddy Scentsy Baby Buddy

Scentsy Scent Pak

Scentsy Candles

Scentsy consultantssome of my team members

Birmingham Birmingham




Scentsy World TourOur free Scentsy goodies:  category cards, catalogues, Showcase brochures, testers, a baby Scenty Buddy, a T-shirt, a Scentsy solid perfume, a Scentsy bar, a Scent pak, and a Scentsy travel tin


Had a lovely time at Scentsy World Tour this weekend.  Lots of training, seeing old and new Scentsy friends, finding out about all the new Spring Scentsy Products and getting a chance to rest a bit.  Can't wait for next year or Convention this summer. 

Want to join me at World Tour or Convention?


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Scentsy Bars

Here are the current available Scentsy Bars.  All bars (and Scentsy products) are 10% off for the month of February. Click on the link to purchase the Scentsy Bar you wish or to read more about the fragrance:

 *update  20/3/12:  to buy Scentsy Bars click on the link


Scentsy Bars Baked Apple Pie

Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Bar Blueberry Cheescake

Scentsy Bar

Scentsy BarsCocoa Clementine

Scentsy Bar

Scentsy BarHappy Birthday

Scentsy Bar

Hazelnut Latte Scentsy BarHazelnut Latte

Mochadoodle Scentsy Bar Mochadoodle

Oats and Honey Scentsy Bar Oats and Honey

Scentsy Bars Peach a La Mode

Scentsy Bars Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Scentsy Bars Sugar Cookie

Scentsy Bar Amalfi Coast

Amber Road Scentsy Bar Amber Road
Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Bar Coconut Lemongrass
Cucumber Lime Scentsy Bar Cucumber Lime
Havana Cabana Scentsy Bar Havana Cabana
Imperial City Scentsy Bar Imperial City
Kakiko Hula Scentsy Bar Kahiko Hula
Paradise Punch Scentsy Bar  Paradise Punch
Rio Beach Scentsy BarRio Beach
Spice Bazaar Scentsy Bar Spice Bazaar
be still scentsy bar Be Still
french lavender scentsy bar French Lavender
Just breathe scentsy bar Just Breathe
Mediterranean Spa Scentsy Bar  Mediterranean Spa
Ocean Scentsy BarOcean

Pima Cotton Scentsy Bar Pima Cotton

Shades of Green Scentsy Bar Shades of Green
Thunderstorm Scentsy BarThunderstorm
White Sands Scentsy Bar White Sands
Wishing Well
Duke Scentsy Bar Duke Echo Scentsy BarEcho
embers Scentsy bar Embers Hemingway Scentsy Bar Hemingway Hendrix Scentsy BarHendrix
Weathered Leather Scentsy Bar Weathered Leather
Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar
Titanium Titanium Sharp Dressed Man Scentsy BarSharp Dressed Man
Route 66 Scentsy Bar Route 66
Flirtatious Scentsy Bar Flirtatious Flutter Scentsy Bar Flutter French Kiss Scentsy Bar French Kiss
Love Story Scentsy Bar Love Story
Lucky in Love Scentsy Bar Lucky in Love
Luna Scentsy Bar Luna
My wish scentsy barMy Wish
Quiver Scentsy Bar Quiver
Simply Irresistible Scentsy BarSimply Irresistible
Black Raspberry Scentsy Bar Black Raspberry Vanilla
Camu Camu Scentsy Bar Camu Camu
Cinnamon Bear Scentsy BarCinnamon Bear
Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar Clean Breeze
Home Sweet Home Scentsy Bar Home Sweet Home
My Dear Watson Scentsy BarMy Dear Watson

Newborn Nursery Scentsy Bar Newborn Nursery

Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Bar Perfectly Pomegranate
Satin Sheets Scentsy Bar Satin Sheets
Skinny Dippin Scentsy BarSkinny Dippin
Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy BarSunkissed Citrus
Sweet Pea and Vanilla
Vanilla Cream
Welcome Home Scentsy Bar Welcome Home
White Tea and Cactus Scentsy Bar White Tea and Cactus
Whiteout Scentsy Bar Whiteout Snowberry Scentsy Bar Snowberry
Silver Bells Scentsy Bar Silver Bells
Sentimental Cider Scentsy-BarSentimental Cider
Pumpkin Roll Scentsy Barpumpkin roll
Honey Pear Cider Scentsy Bar Honey Pear Cider
Festival of Trees Scentsy Bar Festival of Trees
Eskimo Kiss Scentsy BarEskimo Kiss
Cozy Fireside Scentsy Bar Cozy Fireside
Clove and Cinnamon Scentsy Bar Clove and Cinnamon
Cinnamon vanilla Scentsy Bar Cinnamon Vanilla
Christmas Cottage Scentsy Bar Christmas Cottage
Central Park Pralines Scentsy Bar Central Park Pralines
Black Ruby Scentsy Bar Black Ruby
Autumn Sunset Scentsy BarAutumn Sunset



Would you like a Scentsy wickless candle to go with your bars?




Scentsy UK - Spring | Summer Catalogue 2012 *teaser*

We got to see the Scentsy UK Spring Summer Catalogue last night.  22 new scents, 5 new Solid Perfumes, amongst other surprises that I wont tell you just yet. ;)  All I can say is stock up on Scentsy Bars this month with the 10% discount for the month of February because you'll need it when you see everything.

If you'd like a hard copy sent to you of the new Scentsy UK Spring and Summer catalogue (available 1 March) please contact me.

In the mean time here's a little teaser from the new Scentsy UK catalogue:



Scentsy UK

Cucake Mid size Scentsy Warmer

A rich chocolate brown warmer dish is sandwiched between a pleated base and removable dollop of fluffy frosting, sprinkled with powdered sugar accents and vent holes to release delicious fragrance. 


Scentsy UK 

Tiara Mid Size Scentsy Warmer

A pink confection straight out of a little princess's fantasy:  faux jewels and a swirling pattern, topped with a fairy crown.


Before the new catalogue comes out be sure to take advantage of the 10% off all this month!





Scentsy UK Starter Kit

The Scentsy UK starter kit is always envolving as we add more and more products to our UK product line.  The picture below is what the Scentsy kit looks like at the time of writing this post. 

I've previously written about the Scentsy starter kit in a past blog post but I've never really gone into detail about what the kit looks like in the UK.



Scentsy UK

Not shown is your Scentsy website you get for free for the first 3 months.  After the first 3 months its £10 a month.  For the transition months before the new catalogue launches which happen in March and September, the month prior you get not only the fall/winter testers but the new scents also and you get 50/50 on catalogues...1/2 of fall, 1/2 of spring.  Its a fantastic deal and in the long run saves money.  We're nearing one of these transition periods now.  Between 1-29 February get these extra items in your starter kit for no extra cost.  Starter kit is £85 plus shipping which works out to be £94 total.



Join Scentsy in the UK