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Solid Perfume

To purchase Scentsy solid perfume Click the link.

Enchanted Mist Scentsy                       Love Story Scentsy


                       'Enchanted Mist'                                                   'Love Story'

                        Solid Perfume                                                      Solid Perfume

         Romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced and                    Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber

         sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine.                        embraced by luscious dark chocolate.



My Wish Scentsy                          Satin Sheets Scentsy


                            My Wish                                                                  Satin Sheets

                      Solid Perfume                                                          Solid Perfume   

            A confection of earthy fig,                                                 Sensual and earthy sandalwood

     sweet violet, and playful marshmallow                                      perfectly paired with rich warm

          will have you wishing for more.                                            vanilla.                                                                                                                   



Simply Irresistible Scentsy

Simply Irresistible

Solid Perfume

Lavender with a strong, woody background

of amber, moss, and musk.



January Hostess Rewards

Scentsy party


This January get DOUBLE the hostess rewards for having a Scentsy party.


There are a couple of different options for hosting a party:

1) I can come to your house

2) I can post you everything you need to host your own party

3) I can loan you a basket to take into work, church, etc

4) Online party

5) A mixture of everything


You just let me know what would work best for you with your schedule and I can arrange something.


Contact me for further details or to book your party today.


Happy Holidays from LDN Wickless Candles



Wishing you a happy holidays and Scentsational 2012.


Warmest Regards and Much Love


Christine Jolley

Your Scentsy Independent Consultant


Duckie Christmas Market



Barbican Centre

Barbican Centre


I've been involved with the Duckie Christmas market a lot recently.  Have booked 6 days for a Scentsy stall throughout December at the Barbican.  Its a mixture of hand-made, vintage, new and refurbished and of course my Scentsy products.  Its a chance to ditch the high street and support small businesses like me.  Events like this really do help small business to be honest.  Many of us cant afford large scale advertising campaigns and these events are how we get the word out. Plus instead of paying for a CEO's Christmas bonus, you are helping to buy groceries or electricity bills.


I know that the majority of you are probably finished with your holiday shopping or pretty broke till like February whilst you pay off your credit cards but do come and see me to find out my special offers anyway and save money in the long term.



I'll be at the Barbican Centre on the 23rd, 28th-30th December from 6-9:30pm





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Winter Sale

Scentsy sale

26 December - 1 Jan




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