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Scentsy UK/Europe Incentive Trip 2014:




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Scentsy Independent Consultant

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How to put the adaptor on your Scentsy Warmer

If you purchased Scentsy in the UK you'll notice your Scentsy Warmer arrives like this:




All Scentsy Warmers currently have an EU plug (pictured to the left).  If you purchase Scentsy in the UK, you are sent a UK adaptor to attach to your new Scentsy warmer (pictured to the right).




Open up the adaptor and this is what it looks like.  The two brass prongs in the middle are where the two prongs of the EU plug will go.




Put the EU plug on top of the two prongs and push down gently.  You won't need to have them go in all the way.  Close the adaptor cover and push it together.  If you open it up you'll see the plug is now firmly in the two brass prongs.   The plug may not initially feel like its going in the right place, but don't worry you are doing it correctly!



This is what your plug will look like next. Grab a screw driver with a * (star) top.


See the silver screw in the middle?  this is what you screw in.  You may need to hold the adaptor in your left hand, screw with your right and squeeze the sides so the screw will go in all the way. 


Your plug is now ready for the UK and your Scentsy Warmer is ready to enjoy!


If you have questions or need help attaching your adaptor feel free to contact me.


Penny's Big Day Out

Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy BuddyScentsy BuddyScentsy BuddyScentsy BuddyScentsy Buddy

Scentsy BuddyScentsy Buddy


Start your own Scentsy Buddy adventure today.  Choice of Penny the Pig, Ollie the Elephant, Pooki the Polar Bear, Roarbert the Lion, Molllie the Monkey, Scratch the Cat, Patch the Dog, Ribbert the Frog, Lenny the Lamb



A very Scentsy Christmas

Scentsy Christmas

Scentsy Christmas

Scentsy Christmas

Scentsy Christmas


Scentsy Buddy


Scentsy Christmas


My partner and I went to the Midlands for Christmas break.  For those of you who don't know much about England...its part of the countryside towards the south of the country.   Its very beautiful and a nice change of pace from the hectic life of London.

We gave Scentsy as some of our main gifts this year.  My Sister in Law received a Jadestone mid size Scentsy warmer just like my mother in law (pictured below) had purchased back in May.  Gave her 3 Scentsy bars which is a nice start including Christmas Cottage, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Sweet Pea and Vanilla.  My mother in law got an extra bar of White Sands.  My partner James (pictured) got a Hemingway Scent Pak to put in his wardrobe and our niece and nephew both got a Scentsy Buddy each.  They loved Roarbert the Lion and Mollie the Monkey and took them to bed on Christmas Day which was a great sign I think.

Been getting e-mails and messages from very happy customers who purchased Scentsy for loved ones this holiday season.  Great to be a part of those moments in a small way and looking forward to more and more customers who discover Scentsy and fall in love with it as much as I have.

I hope that you all had a very Scentsy Christmas and wishing you a Scentsational 2012. 



Your Scentsy Independent Consultant



Solid Perfume

To purchase Scentsy solid perfume Click the link.

Enchanted Mist Scentsy                       Love Story Scentsy


                       'Enchanted Mist'                                                   'Love Story'

                        Solid Perfume                                                      Solid Perfume

         Romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced and                    Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber

         sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine.                        embraced by luscious dark chocolate.



My Wish Scentsy                          Satin Sheets Scentsy


                            My Wish                                                                  Satin Sheets

                      Solid Perfume                                                          Solid Perfume   

            A confection of earthy fig,                                                 Sensual and earthy sandalwood

     sweet violet, and playful marshmallow                                      perfectly paired with rich warm

          will have you wishing for more.                                            vanilla.                                                                                                                   



Simply Irresistible Scentsy

Simply Irresistible

Solid Perfume

Lavender with a strong, woody background

of amber, moss, and musk.



January Hostess Rewards

Scentsy party


This January get DOUBLE the hostess rewards for having a Scentsy party.


There are a couple of different options for hosting a party:

1) I can come to your house

2) I can post you everything you need to host your own party

3) I can loan you a basket to take into work, church, etc

4) Online party

5) A mixture of everything


You just let me know what would work best for you with your schedule and I can arrange something.


Contact me for further details or to book your party today.