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Scentsy UK/Europe Incentive Trip 2014:




t: 02086921815
m: 07447644586




Scentsy Independent Consultant

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ABN number required to join Scentsy in Australia

Hello my friends....I've posted this on the Oz part of my website, but its very critical that you get this info before you consider joining the Scentsy Family.  You will need to obtain a ABN number before you can join Scentsy in Australia.  I believe its free to get one, please tell me in the comments if this is incorrect and I will change this.  This PDF I've attached below explains really well and the exact steps you need to do to obtain this AUstralian Business Number.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.  I'm so excited for everyone in Australia as 1st September is coming so quickly!


Applying for an Australian Business Number



Scentsy EU Convention 2013: In pictures

Took me a while to get these pictures sorted from the Scentsy EU Convention, but here you go.  I had a lovely time and we went on a Ghost Tour on the last day that was absolutely glorious.  The new Autumn/Winter Scentsy Products are amazing and it was nice to see Heidi and Orville Thompson again and met their daughter Mary.  Met many of my team members, the most who have ever come to Convention and there was a lot of hugs.  Lots of new announcements with Grace Adele and the new warmers and the new products and a Customer Loyalty Programme and the party planner and the new countries opening up.  I always find it amazing how much every time I go I fill my bucket just the right level.  I'm looking forward to World Tour in February.

In the mean time enjoy these pictures and remember that AUGUST IS THE MONTH TO JOIN SCENTSY.  Please PM me for details on how to join. xoxoxo 



Scentsy EU Convention

Scentsy EU Convention

Scentsy Europe

Scentsy UK

Scentsy Europe Convention


Scentsy EU Convention 2013



Liverpool England

Scentsy Convention

Liverpool UK

Scentsy Convention



Scentsy Convention 2013






Scentsy Consultants







Scentsy EU Convention 2013



Scentsy Transition Month: August 2013

Its that time again, time for Scentsy Transition Month.  This happens twice a year in February and August.  In my opinion I think that August is the better month to take advantage of the transition offer.  Its early enough that you have time to prep for the holiday season approaching.  The holidays are the biggest opportunity with Scentsy to succeed.  February is fantastic as well but its the winter which tends to be slower.

When you join Scentsy in a transition month you end up getting a normal Scentsy starter kit, plus extra scent testers and catalogues.  You may ask, well why would I need spring/summer catalogues testers when the new catalogue is coming out so soon?.....well these testers you will be using anyway at some point whether it be as a hostess gift or next year and the catalogues are a chance to give out to people.  I still give out old Scentsy catalogues to people all the time and all that is needed is just a teeny sticker that says ask me about the new products.  Business supplies are Business supplies so this is nearly an extra £50 worth of kit that you dont have to pay for which is a VERY GOOD DEAL.

So I've posted this before in previous blog posts but here's an example of a transition month kit....obviously some of the main products like Scentsy warmers, etc will vary. 

Join Scentsy

So if you live in ANY of these can join my Scentsy Family:  USA, Canada, Ireland, UK or Germany and take advantage of the extra kit offer that's available in August only.

Dont forget as well that from 1st of September Scentsy is expanding in to Australia and Mexico and Poland and from 1st October France and Spain.  So much opportunity spreading and Scentsy is taking the world by storm!!!



Scentsy Transition Month



Scentsy Canada Fall & Winter Catalog 2013

I've previously posted the new USA Scentsy catalogue expected for the Fall/Winter 2013 season and I thought I'd do the same for my friends across the pond in Canada too.  Canada and Scentsy has been around for a while so you've got nearly the same array of products that the USA has.  You also get to take advantage of the North American Convention every year which is always held in the states and is MASSIVE.  This years Convention was held in Indiana and had an opening performance by Kelly Clarkson....yes that Kelly Clarkson.

I cant sell to you any Canadian products but you can join my Scentsy team.  Why would anyone want to join someones team across the pond?  Well Scentsy is a global business and with the internet and cheap phone rates its pretty easy peasy to keep in contact and provide support.  My upline (my sponsor) is in North America and its never been a problem getting support, EVER.

To join Scentsy in Canada the quick link is HERE and your starter kit is going to be $119 (CAD).  When you click through the link, change your flag to Canada and then go from there. 

Would love to hear what your favourite Scentsy products for the new season are!!!

Scentsy Canada Fall Winter Catalog 2013


Scentsy Australia Catalogue 2013 - 2014

So the new Scentsy Australia Catalogue has been released just today and its absolutely amazeballs.  Very exciting stuff and Scentsy has pulled out all the stops to ensure that the very first ever consultants are set up for success. 

You've got a few things that here in Europe dont have especially in the body range, but very excited for all of the new members of our Scentsy Family.

I think having an amazing catalogue is essential for success because if you're excited, that passion and enthusiasm will carry over into your customers and potential recruits.


Scentsy Australia Catalogue 2013/2014



If you live in Australia and are interested in joining the Scentsy Family get in touch as soon as possible as its only 3 weeks away till grand opening!!!

On another note with the launch is that Direct Sales Superstar Mary Christensen is helping with the launch of Scentsy in Australia and she's doing a 100 days to Director training that you can get involved with right off the bat which is AMAZING and a huge opportunity to encourage success in your business.

I've also got dates for you here for the informal open house meetings where you can meet home office staff and see the products in person:

Sydney Tuesday September 3 noon - 3pm
Stamford Plaza, Corner of Robey & O’Riordan Sts, Mascot, Sydney.

Melbourne Wednesday September 4 noon - 3pm
Hotel Bruce County, 445 Blackburn Rd, Mt Waverley.

Brisbane Thursday September 5 noon - 3pm
Novotel Brisbane, 200 Creek St, Brisbane


So what do you think Australia????  You excited for Scentsy?????? :)