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Sold Out Scentsy and Lenny the Lamb

Sold out Scentsy


Yes, I'm crying too.  As announced earlier on my Facebook page due to popular demand theres been a few changes in the Scentsy catalogue. The following items are SOLD OUT, yes SOLD OUT:


Joy to the World Warmer Wrap

Bluster Scentsy WarmerBluster Full Size Scentsy Warmer


Finally, stocks are low with Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy so they've taken Lenny unfortunately off of the Buy One Get on Free offer.  So currently available with the BOGO offer are:  Penny the Pig, Ribbert the Frog, Pooki the Polar Bear, Scratch the Cat, Patch the Dog, Roarbert the Lion, Mollie the Monkey and Ollie the Elephant.  Get yours today to avoid disappointment. x


Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy

Lenny the Lamb


Scentsy UK Christmas Shipping Deadline


Scentsy Christmas

The deadline to get your Scentsy products this year in time for Christmas is 13 December, which means 26 more shopping days. 

Scentsy cannot guarantee that your order will arrive by Christmas due to possible delays with UPS, or delays caused by extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances that are outside of our control, so its recommended to do your shopping as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.  

You are always welcome to place holiday orders after the 13 December, but we can’t ensure that any of those orders will be shipped in time for delivery by Christmas.

Orders on EU mainland, I'd recommend no later than the 16th December to ensure delivery.

Need ideas for Christmas gifts?  Contact me and I'd be glad to help.  Want to book a party this holiday season, contact me as well.  London parties get free holiday gift wrapping included. x


Scentsy Christmas Ideas for Kids

Need Christmas Ideas for the little ones or the kids in your life?  Scentsy has perfect, unique gift ideas for your littlest ones.  I don't have any kids (I can't have them) but this is what I'd pick if I could.  I've given Scentsy Buddies to nieces and nephews for Christmas before.  If you're worried about the warmers and little hands, Scentsy wax doesn't get hot enough to burn and neither does the warmer.  I'd still put it out of reach but there's no reason to worry.  Scentsy is flameless and is an adorable option for a nightlight.  I've had customers use the scents to help their child sleep better and through night terrors.  There's no GMO's or parabens in our products and its a mixture of natural and synthetic scents.  Many parents who have had children with breathing difficulties and haven't been able to have essential oils or candles in their childs room, have been able to have Scentsy without any problems at all.  So this Christmas, why not give the gift of Scentsy?


Heres my picks for this years gift guide for kids:

Scentsy for Kids

Roarbert the Lion




Scentsy for Kids

Doodlebud Scentsy Warmer


Scentsy Christmas Ideas for Kids

Baby Lenny the Lamb




Scentsy Christmas for Kids

Tiara Scentsy Warmer



Scentsy gift Ideas for Kids

Baby Mollie the Monkey


Need more ideas, feel free to contact me and I'd be more than happy to go over ideas for that perfect gift.  Free gift wrapping available upon request. xoxoox


Friday Fun: Autumn/Winter Scent Quiz 2012

Are you completely lost on what Scentsy Bars to pick this season for your warmer?  Why not try this fun Scent Quiz featuring our new scents from our current Autumn/Winter Collection.

When you buy bars be sure to go for the combine and save packs to save money and have plenty to choose from.

P.S.  My favourite Scentsy scents this season are:  Apple Press, Frosted Ginger Cookie and Gardens of Love.  What are  yours?  Be sure to tell me in the comments below.

Autumn/Winter Scentsy Scent Quiz 2012


How to use Social Media for your Scentsy Business

Are you a Scentsy Consultant who needs some ideas for your Scentsy Business? Are you considering joining Scentsy and don't know where to begin? I've compiled quite a bit of information for you of things I've learned about social media and the Internet. If you apply the tips below, I guarantee you'll notice results and improvement to your Scentsy business because this is what I did.

A bit of a background on myself...when I joined Scentsy last year as a consultant I really wasn't sure how I'd be successful with it because I didn't know barely a single soul. I had heard of people from my Superstar Director who had used the online approach and were successful so I thought I'd try it. However I didn't really know much about online, website design or social I had to teach myself absolutely EVERYTHING I now know. I am still learning everyday but I can credit my efforts online with being able to survive this far with Scentsy.


A slightly shortened version of my presentation on Social Media:


Here's a handout that I created that has all of the links, etc mentioned in my presentation:


How to use social media for your Scentsy business