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A Scentsy Week in Ireland

So my Scentsy Superstar Director messages me like 2 weeks ago and says...Guess what Christine....I'm coming to Ireland and I want to see you!!  I had originally been booked for Manchester World Tour but ended up changing my registration so I could go to Dublin World Tour.  World Tour is our Mini Convention held every year in February and we do training and talk about the new products and do giveaways, etc.

Anyway she was coming to Dublin with another Superstar Director friend and doing a little tour of Ireland before hand.  I hadnt seen my Superstar Director in like 20 yrs.  I went to high school/JR high with her but hadnt seen her since.

So I went out on Wednesday and stayed with my good friends (also Scentsy Family) who live in Doneghal (sp?) and they completely treated me like royalty.  It was great to hang our with them at their home and we got drive around the countryside and see the gorgeousness of it all.  We stopped in Colingford....again GORGEOUS and although completely POURING down in was a gorgeous little seaside town.  It reminds me a bit of the seaside towns of Wales I've been to.

On the Friday we drove to Dublin where I stayed and got to see the sights.  I finally got to meet up with my Superstar Director and spent the evening with her.  It was just lovely to see her and she was exactly like I remembered back in highshool.

On Saturday was world Tour (no pics for this part unfortunately because I know there's UK Scentsy Friends who read this and I dont want to spoil the surprise) and got to hear Adie and Casie speak which was a real highlight of the whole day.  It was wonderful to see where they were now and hear their Scentsy journey's.  They both are strong, beautiful women and it got me emotional to think of who the people we will all become as Scentsy consultants.

Saturday night I went out with the Scentsy corporate staff and Adie and Casie to the Arlington Hotel to watch dancing and Irish music.  It was a little touristy and a little strange to hang out with Americans again as I'm so used to hanging out with Brits as an American expat.  It was lovely though and even though I was a bit nervous and self conscious for some reason the whole night it was really fun.

I felt a bit sad about leaving Ireland.  It was wonderful to have so many laughs and such good fun.  We've got Convention to look forward to though in August (again top secret the location and dates)....but it will be here in no time and I'm hoping that I'll keep progressing this year with my Scentsy journey and be even further in August.

So a really fantastic week.  This is what happens when you join as a consultant you end up traveling to places to visit friends you never expected to make.  When you join my team as a can expect the same blessings in YOUR life too.   :) 












Discontinued Scentsy Products Spring/Summer 2013

Ok Folks, its that time of year again.....its transition month which means the new Spring Scentsy Catalogue is just around the corner (1 March). It also means that some of your favourite Scentsy Products are going to be discontinued forever in just a few short weeks. Not included in this list is all of our Big Scentsy Buddies. Penny, Lenny the Lamb and the big Buddies are gone after this month and something new (its a secret) is just around the corner. So stock up now....Contact me about holding a party this month to get even more free and 1/2 price goodies on top of the 10% off. Here's the list:


Discontinued Scentsy UK Products Spring/Summer 2013 by


+ Full Size Scentsy Buddies: Lenny the Lamb Roarbert the Lion Penny the Pig Mollie the Monkey Ribbert the Frog Scratch the Cat Patch the Dog Ollie the Elephant


Scentsy Incentive Trip 2013 update

Remember back in August when I mentioned how they announced the Scentsy Incentive Trip for the EU?  Well....the qualification period ends in ONE WEEK, just ONE week on 31st July. 

We're off to Barcelona, Roma and Cannes on a 5 star Mediterranean Cruise.  Lots of sun, fun and friendships.  I've been working insanely hard on this for 6 whole months and I'm so close that I can smell the dock and see the boat and I can even hear the theme tune to "love boat" in the background:


I've been seriously visualising myself on this boat and even have my own Pinterest board on everything I'll be doing, seeing, eating and wearing on the trip.  There hasn't been a day in the last six months that I havent thought about this trip in great and detailed depth and the chance to earn something for myself and to relax and rest.  It would be my first proper break in ages.

Well anyway....I'm so very very close it would be insane for me not to go after I've gotten this far with it.  This is breaking probably every marketing rule in the book, is a huge faux pax in the business world and probably makes me sound like I'm completely a self-centered dork....but to heck with the faux pax's.....I have to at least mention all of this because otherwise I'd never forgive myself for at least not trying.  Sometimes you just have to send things out into the universe sometimes for little miracles to happen in the off chance---or it could backfire...who knows?

If it doesnt happen it wasnt meant to be....but you've got to try to go for things in life eh?  I will move on and life will move on and I can be proud with how close I got to this.  But at least I have sent all of this out there into internet- land and the universe and maybe....just maybe the stars will align on this for once in my favour. 

Soooo, I'm just putting this out there.....there's  7 days left for ends midnight 31 Jan.... So.....If you have been browsing here for a while or a long timer and love your Scentsy or want to try it finally and would like to help someone at the same time....Please CONTACT ME today .   If you know friends of friends who might like Scentsy....share this post with them.  Let's make this baby viral. LOL  (I know I may not have the same appeal as cats doing funny things :)...but hey?  you never know. hahahah)

 If this is your first time and you're intrigued about what the heck is one of these legendary Scentsy trips....message me as well and I'll tell you all about them and how when you join as a Scentsy consultant you can try to earn a future 'Scentsy Incentive Trip' for you and a loved one as well. But first things first....lets worry about this years incentive trip before future ones. ;)


Anyway...Crossing my fingers and toes.





Understanding the Scentsy Compensation Plan Part 2

My previous post on Understanding the Scentsy Compensation Plan is in my top 5 of all time popular posts on this blog, so I thought I'd add a little bit more information to make this into a little 'series' and to help in understanding your pay packet when you join Scentsy.

I think the more and more you move up in the ranks, the more you will understand why you are being paid as you are. 

Commission is based on points not monetary amount.  However, the PRV (or the points value of commissionable products you sell) happens to be the value of our Scentsy products minus VAT/tax. 

Scentsy is also an international company so your commission will be multiplied by a Peg Rate to make the pay for all Scentsy consultants everywhere to be 100% equal.  The Peg Rate for the UK is .833.

So as an sold 200 PRV of Scentsy for the month.  Your commission would be worked out as follows:

200 PRV x .20 (20% for escential consultant...this percentage goes up as you advance) x .833 Peg Rate = £33.32 in commissions for the month. 

If you build a team you get bonus % based on sales.  (Please refer to my previous post for a diagram of the compensation plan)

Once you hit certified you will never go below 25%.  When you go higher than certified (by building a team, which is the way to increase your monthly revenue with Scentsy) it depends on your month to month sales what you'll be paid on.  So for example....Your official title is Star Consultant but you only sell £200 in product and your team only does £600 in sales, you'd be paid for Certified Consultant for that month.  (The requirements are a bit more complicated for Director and above) You can monitor what your projected pay for the month is in your Performance tab on your workstation if you're confused about how to figure it out.  It does help to start understanding the compensation plan though so you can explain it to potential recruits and new team members who can then explain it to their potential recruits and new team members.

 When you first join Scentsy you dont have to worry about hitting certain quotas for sales except from July to December each year to remain on Scentsy's books you need to put in an order of at least £1.  If you want to build a team (highly recommended) there's other requirements:

- Become active once within 3 months or your team/down line will roll up to the consultant above you (your sponsor).  Active means 150 PRV in sales and your team is everyone you've personally sponsored who hasnt become a director yet. 

-Consistently maintain at least £500 in sales.  This is to ensure you promote as your team promotes and that you'll continue to get paid on what they do.  If you don't, you risk them passing you up in title and losing out on the % you earn from them (you have to remain ahead of them to be paid on their work).

So that's a little bit more about the compensation plan.  Watch for next time where I delve into some of the more common vocab used by Scentsy consultants when talking about this subject. x




the perfect scents this winter

winter Christine Jolley

 Greenwich Park, London


I dont do well in the cold. I tend to want to stay inside and eat nothing but warm mushroom soup and crusty bread and hide out underneath the duvet covers with a good book and wait till spring.  The UK has been hit by a cold front this week.  We got masses of snow on the weekend and now the cold, mush and ice is here.  The snow is sure pretty and I love taking pictures of it (as above)...but I just wish snow was a lot warmer.

However, even in this weather there's things that manage to warm me from the inside out and my favourite Scentsy bars are right on top of the list of comfort.  Here's what I've been warming this week:


Winter Scents for the home

Honey Pear Cider :

A perfect mixture of sweetness and the warmth of a touch of spice.  Ever since our first catalogue season I've adored Honey Pear Cider.  Its a very comforting scent and whenever I feel like this weather is getting to my spirits a bit....I'll put on Honey Pear Cider.


Christmas Cottage Scentsy

Christmas Cottage

Yes I know Christmas is over, but Christmas Cottage is actually pretty nice after the fact too.  Its again very sweet and spicy.  I've had this going constantly in the Kitchen the last few days and its been wonderful---just wonderful.


and finally


Sugar Cookie Scentsy BarSugar Cookie

I've had the Sugar Cookie Scentsy bar on constantly in the living room.  I find with the mixture of honey pear cider in the bedroom, sugar cookie in the living room and Christmas Cottage in the smells divine and just has this perfect combo for those cold nights.


What Scentsy bars do you warm when its extra cold outside?

Tell me in the comments below. x