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Scentsy UK/Europe Incentive Trip 2014:




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Scentsy Independent Consultant

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What is Direct Sales?

People ask me all the time what Direct Sales is.  They usually think its some pyramid scheme or scam but I can guarantee that its not.

The Wikipedia definition for direct sales is:

Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Peddling is the oldest form of direct selling.  Modern direct selling includes sales made through the party plan, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements as well as internet sales. A textbook definition is: "The direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs."

Probably the most famous and well known Direct Sales Companies are Avon and Tupperware which have been around for AGES and been changing womens lives for just as long.  Scentsy is in the same category as Avon and Tupperware BUT WITH SCENTED PRODUCTS AND ELECTRIC WARMERS. 

Direct Sales

Many Direct Selling companies use Multi-Level Marketing as a compensation plan which means that not only do you get a commission of what you sell but you also get a percentage of any team members sell also.  You arent promised riches with Direct Sales which is far far different to Pyramid Schemes.

There's a governing body for all Direct Selling companies in the world called the Direct Selling Association.  There's specific rules for companies to abide if they want to retain membership and membership is very very strict.    They also release the Global List of top Direct Selling Companies, so if you are researching companies to join and not sure about Scentsy or what may be out there....have a look of this list for 2012 and you can see which companies are doing well and which companies arent.   It should be noted that most companies have been around for AGES whereas Scentsy hasnt even celebrated its 10th birthday and is already to number 20 on the list.  That's an amazing growth of success in my opinion dont you think?  Scentsy here in the UK and Europe is growing at a much faster rate than the US did so it will be exciting to watch were we will be in 5+ yrs time as well.

There's also false beliefs that its impossible to make money off of Scentsy, I can guarantee that this isnt the case as many within Scentsy are able to provide quite easily for their families.  I wouldnt recommend quitting your day job just yet, but it still doesnt mean that Scentsy couldnt be an extra income opportunity for you.

Interested in finding out more about what Direct Sales is and the Scentsy Business Opportunity.  Contact me TODAY. x


Scentsy Consultant Levels

When you join Scentsy as a Consultant you'll have different titles or 'Level's as you progress along your Scentsy Business.  They are very much a part of 'Understanding the Scentsy Compensation Plan' which I've written about before in previous blog posts.

Here are the Levels with Scentsy:

Escential Consultant

Certified Consultant

Lead Consultant

Star Consultant

Superstar Consultant


Star Director

Superstar Director


After you reach 1k in sales you will never go below the 25% you get at Certified Consultant.  To get more each month it depends on what sales you get for the respective month.  You still keep your title (except at director which has different rules) but your commission % is based on what you managed to do.  So it is possible to be at Superstar Consultant but be only paid at Certified for a particular month.  Obviously you try to ensure that your sales and team are doing enough in sales to ensure you are paid for your title, but this doesnt happen always.  As your building your business, its definitely something to aim for each month because when you get to Director its crucial that you keep your title which means you have to be consistent with Director stats/sales.  Hopefully this makes sense?

Leadership levels are considered at Director and above.  My goal has always been to hit Superstar Director and I know most of us have the same goal as well.

If you would like more information about Joining Scentsy or the Scentsy Opportunity, please feel free to contact me.  I am currently recruiting in the UK, Ireland, Germany, USA and Canada.  I can also recruit in the USA for Grace Adele and Velata. If worried about how I would support you in North America at a distance, my sponsor is in the US and I'm in Europe and it hasnt ever been a problem.  With technology today its very very easy to communicate with each other at a distance. 


Primavera / Estate Scentsy Italia Catalogo 2013

Ecco la nuova collezione Primavera / Estate 2013 catalogo Scentsy per l'Italia. Per ordinare potete contattarmi via e-mail o fare clic su Buy e continuare a fare clic fino a vedere la bandiera nell'angolo in alto a destra.

Il collegamento rapido per acquistare è QUI. Assicurarsi di cambiare la bandiera in Italia.

Spese di spedizione è di 10 euro, è possibile ospitare una parte Scentsy in Italia, se interessati o utilizzare Scentsy in un negozio come un centro benessere, boutique, ecc cant essere venduto, ma può essere usato per fare il profumo posto meraviglioso. Contattatemi se interessati.

Ci scusiamo per le cattive traduzioni di italiano. x



Primavera / Estate Scentsy Italia Catalogo 2013 by Christine Jolley



Where can I buy a Scentsy Warmer?

Scentsy isnt sold in stores because its a Direct Sales company.  What this means is that you buy your Scentsy warmer direct from your Independent Consultant instead of in a shop.  Scentsy could have easily set up the company to be available in stores but using the Direct Sales concept 1) helps improve the lives of individual consultants like myself and 2) The quality is far far better and you get much better customer service than if you were to buy it in a shop.

There ARE businesses who do use Scentsy and if you own a business in the UK (hair salon, spa, vet clinic, etc) please do get a hold of me and we can discuss having a loaner warmer for a week. 

So where do you buy Scentsy warmers if you cant buy them in a shop?

-Purchase direct from my website (click on the Buy Tab on the top of this page)

-Contact me if you are in Europe

-Contact me if you live in North America and I'll locate a Scentsy Consultant near you who you can buy a Warmer.

-Google Search:  Scentsy Europe and/or the country you live in

-Visit and use the Find your Consultant locator for a consultant near you.

-Join my mailing list to find out what events I'll be at in near future in your local area.


Do get in touch via email first before ordering as I may have retired warmers, etc that you could choose from as well and we can discuss ways to get the most for your money.  Especially with Bar Reorders contacting me intially is the best way to save money on shipping. You can also host a party as well, there's different options for different schedules and it doesnt necessarily mean that I have to come over to your house, we do catalogue parties and FB parties as well.


How to find a Scentsy Consultant in the UK & Europe

Of course I'd love to have you as my customer or new team member but I understand and completely respect your desire to find someone who may live a little closer to you.  Whether you want to host a party or just pop round to get your refills of bars, its completely up to you what consultant you decide to go with.

If you've been having a hard time finding someone who may live close by to you, there's two ways you can locate a consultant here in the UK and Europe:

1) Contact Me:  I've got team members all over the country and one may live close by to you.  I also am in contact with all of the UK, German and Ireland Consultants in our Facebook Groups.  I can easily pop on there and ask whether there's a consultant that may live close to you.

**Please be aware that we are still very new in Europe with Scentsy and that we are still very much spread out so it may be difficult right now to get a consultant in some areas nearby.

2) Scentsy.Net:  Scentsy corporate have a consultant locator where you can search via name and or your postcode.  You can use this to find the closest consultants to you in any country quite easily.


What to look for in your consultant:

Some may think that you have to stay with one consultant, but you can always shop around and find one that may 'jive' a bit better with you.  I always try to give quite a bit to my customers and pride myself on giving the best customer service around.  You should always try to go with a consultant who communicates with you regularly....I do customer newsletters each month and occassionally a quickie hello.  If your consultant doesnt do this, then maybe its time to look around.  In the end its completely up to you what you look for and need.  Scentsy is one of these unique shopping experiences where your individual consultant is like a mom and pop shop.  You want to find someone who remembers your name  and makes you feel like the important individual that you are.  I try to provide this for people but am more than willing to help you find someone else if needed as well.  In the end I just want everyone to have a positive experience with Scentsy. x