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Scentsy UK/Europe Incentive Trip 2014:




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Scentsy Incentive Trip: The French Riviera

 Once we got on the cruise ship (Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas---HUGE), we had little excursions planned.  The first one was to the French Riviera.  I had been to the south of France..Nice...before but hadn't seen much else.  We had a bit of time to wander through Cannes which I was there a week before the international film festival which they were setting up for and getting the beaches celebrity ready.  We then boarded a tour bus and went through some of the most windiest roads in my life (nearly got car sick) but saw some pretty gorgeous and stunning scenery including some seaside villages St Raphael and Frejus.  It was very very hot and humid here.  We were given Scentsy sunscreen (Havana Cabana...smells sooooooo good) but still managed to get sunburned and not drink enough on this leg.  There wasn't much to do in these little cities but I'm very glad I got to see what I did.  Apparently another Scentsy sister got to see Steven Spielbergs yacht who was one of the judges this year at Cannes.  Although the heat was a bit tiring the scenery was worth it and I did enjoy having it be warm for once.  The weather here in the UK has been really horrid this year and it was just nice to be around so much sun.  We did get rained on in Frejus but it didnt stop people from getting ice-cream---typical English eh?  LOL

Anyway tomorrow I shall post of the best parts of the trip!!



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Scentsy Incentive Trip: Barcelona 

I have been waiting on my film getting back before I posted any pics from the Mediterranean Cruise and they have taken forever because I had them developed in the USA.  There's A LOT and I wasnt sure if I should only post my favourites or post a collection....but decided I want to start in the place I spent the most time in....Barcelona....I spent a couple of days here before and after the Scentsy EU Incentive Trip (about a month ago now can you believe it?) and I ADORED this place...ADORED IT.  Great food----oh my word the TAPAS, Spanish Guitar buskers who were on every corner and my favourite place was the Parc Guell that looked over the city.  I saw a lot of art...Gaudi----soooo much Gaudi, Picasso and was struck by how gorgeous the city was.  It reminded me of Paris because of the light and I love Paris. The style of the buildings was gorgeous and I definitely want to go back again.  I had gone out a few days before the cruise to Barcelona and stayed a few days afterwards....I'm really glad I stayed as long as I did because I needed the break!!!!

I spent quite a lot of time alone this trip which I was ok about.  Everyone had their own groups of friends which was fine but to be honest I really wanted to see these cities on my own because I'm quite a 'serious' and 'gung-ho' traveller and trips mean so much to me.....and if I had done the 'social' thing sitting next to the pool the whole time or going round with other people....I would have never seen the things I wanted and I would have been annoyed with myself.  This was my first break for just ME in YEARS...YEARS and I didnt want to do what other people might want to do...I wanted to be selfish and do what I wanted.  Plus things have been a bit crazy at home for a wanted PEACE, QUIET AND SOLITUDE.  So if you dont see many pics of Scentsy sisters or brothers that's the reason for it.  I wasnt trying to be a party pooper. :)

Anyway....Here you go.  These are a combination of film and digital.  The Film pics were taken on a vintage Yashica Mat 124g which is a new venture of mine as I'm trying to learn medium format fim (twice as big as your old 35mm that you used to have).  I do love photography and am a work in progress when it comes to this and still learning but this trip was a fantastic opportunity to fill my creative bucket and I hope you enjoy these pics as much I enjoyed taking them.  I will post the other places we went this week--there's just too many pics to share. x





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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Apparently Fathers Day is just around the corner....I'm a bit behind here at Wickless Candle HQ and I know its been a while since I've checked here on the blog.

Anyhoo......I wanted to give you at least a couple of my best sellers with guys as ideas for your special man this coming Sunday.  I do have warmers available at my place so it isnt too late to order and receive something in time for the big day.  If you live in London, I can do free deliveries as well: 



Fathers Day Gift Ideas Scentsy

The Silvervine Full Size Scentsy Warmer


Anvil Scentsy WarmerMy most popular:  Anvil Mid Size Scentsy Warmer....the men LOVE this one!!!! :)


So what kind of scents would you recommend?  We do have an entire Scentsy Man collection but you'd be surprised that my male customers tend to get a huge array of scents from across the range.  Sugar Cookie is popular, My Dear Watson, clean scents like Pima Cotton...go over a treat.  One of my personal favourites is:  Vanilla Suede.  Its an adrogynous scent so both men AND women can get this one and it comes in our Personal Care range as well. 


Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar


So if you are a bloke, what's been your favourite Scentsy scent?  Tell me in the comments below.  In the mean time may all you fathers, expecting fathers or men who are just wonderful....Happy Fathers Day. xoxo


Thoughts on the Scentsy EU Incentive Trip 2013

I've been back a couple of days from an all expenses paid Mediterranean Cruise I earned through Scentsy.  The pictures will be coming soon as I'm waiting on getting some film developed from a vintage camera I took along on the trip.

I went out on the 3rd of May and spent two days in Barcelona before I boarded the Royal Carribean Liberty of the Seas.  We then went to Cannes where we docked the 2nd day.  I went out and spent a couple of hours looking at the city and saw the place where the famous Cannes film festival is located and I saw the beaches and the famous Carlton Hotel where they were preparing it for the World Premiere of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Then went and saw the antiques market and should have bought one of the amazing vintage posters of Cannes they had but C'est la vie.  We then drove through the French Riviera up through the windy roads (oh my word...did I get car sick)....but saw Pierre Cardin's bubble house and some absolutely incredible views.

The next day we were off to Florence/Pisa.  I had been before so there was specific things that I wanted to see and do on this trip.  I went inside the Cathedral and Baptisery which was great because I never had a chance to do this the last time.  The Cathedral especially was just gorgeous and it was fantastic to finally see it in Pisa.  Florence was Gorgeous but we only had maybe 3 hrs free time and I had to fit lunch in there too.  I went and found a pizza place and had an amazing plate of wild boar pasta before I wandered slowly back to the bus (of course having Gelato).

The Last excursion day was Rome.  I had asked special permission because I have been to Rome several times and there was specific things I wanted to see and do instead, so I went with the group to get a ride and then left the group and spent the day on my own.  I went to have Gelato at the Pantheon at my favourite Gelato place (best on the planet), then threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain to ensure I'd return (do you know the legend for this?) and then wandered up to the Spanish Steps and had lunch and then wandered up to the Villa Borghese Park and spent some time there taking pics and relaxing before I took the metro back to the meeting place to go back to the ship at St Peters Basilica.

The Last Day was a cruising Day and was time to enjoy the ship.  I ended up going for a 5k run on the jogging track and then took a nap later in the day after getting some sun next to the pool.  The Ship was seriously like Las Vegas on water.  Everything you could possibly imagine they had.  There was a lot of food to eat and the evening times especially were amazing meals in a fancy dining room.  As far as my free time, I didnt want to do any of the shows as this was supposed to be a chance to catch up on sleep this trip and most didnt start until after 9pm and after the excursions I was just seriously tired.  So I didnt take advantage of that part but I did do other things and LOVED the chance to watch movies outdoors on their big screen.  The last night I watched the Wizard of Oz and it was glorious.

Most of the rest of the group had their own things they wanted to do so spent most of the time on my own which I was ok with.  Was a little sad I wasnt able to create some of the bonds some did, but on the other hand I had so much I wanted to see and I wouldnt have been able to see 1/2 of what I had seen if I had gone round with others.  In the end it was my holiday and there's plenty of time to be social right?

Scentsy gave us little prezzies....we got a Tshirt, backpack, luggage tags, Lip Balm and Sunscreen (OMG they smell amazing) and leather photo album to remember the trip by. 

I did get a chance to be a little social in the evenings at dinner and have never laughed or smiled so hard in my life.  SOOOOOOO much fun and with the good food it was especially wonderful.  I did make a few new friends I hadnt expected and had some special time with one of the Superstar Directors (Heidi's mum) who came on the trip from the USA. 

I cried when the trip ended because I needed this trip in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY and it was just an incredible blessing.  Its very hard to describe how special these Scentsy trips are unless you go on one.  If everyone knew about the quality of these trips.....there would be 1) no doubting ever that Scentsy does work, 2) A lot more people would join.  But you are just going to have to take my word for it and if you arent a part of take the leap.

I spent some special time with Heidi and Orville Thompson from Scentsy.  It was so incredibly wonderful to have this chance as how many companies have such access to the CEO/President?  They are very down to earth and I feel priviledged to know them. thoughts could seriously go on forever about the cruise.  Looking forward to next year.  After the cruise ended I spent an extra two days in Barcelona which was nice and a chance to sleep and see some of the sights.  Its been an adjustment to come back home but I feel energised and excited about the future with Scentsy.....



Scentsy UK | Top selling products through April 2013

Its been a while since I did one of these so here are the top selling Scentsy products in the UK through April 2013.  These lists/stats are helpful if you are having a hard time deciding what to purchase you can see what other people are getting and the 'Scentsy trends' ;)


Full Size Scentsy Warmers

Gallery Warmer

Silhouette Collection Etched Core





Mid Size Scentsy Warmers

Amala Warmer



Pink a Boo

Peek a Blue


Scentsy Buddies

Jamu the Giraffe

Halla the Hippo

Havi the Hedgehog

Baby Lenny the Lamb

Chicka the Cheetah


Scentsy Bars


Honeymoon Hideaway

Coconut Lemongrass

Walk on the Beach

Silk & Ivory


Scent Paks


Newborn Nursery

Sweet Pea & Vanilla

Clean Breeze

Perfectly Pomegranate


Travel Tins

Clean Breeze

Simply Irresistible

Skinny Dippin

Satin Sheets

My Home


Body Lotion

Vanilla Suede



Garden of Love

Skinny Dippin


Body Fragrance

Vanilla Suede



Skinny Dippin

Garden of Love


Hand Soap

Vanilla Suede



Skinny Dippin

Garden of Love


Hand Cream


Vanilla Suede

French Lavender

Skinny Dippin