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Scentsy in the United Kingdom

Buy Scentsy Products and Join /Become a Scentsy Consultant in the UK


Scentsy the popular direct sales company is NOW IN THE UK!!!  You can access the shop to buy Scentsy Products via the big 'Shop now' on the top of this page or hit the Buy tab or below there's quick links to all the products.

Scentsy is a safer, healthier alternative to scented candles.  They are a proper piece of home decor and 100% electric.  The wax is gently melted at a very low temp so even if you spill the wax on yourself or little fingers get to the wax, you wont be burned.  We also have other fine fragrance products available including stuffed animals, body care, laundry care, etc.  People are switching from Jar Candles to Scentsy in droves because no more explosions, black soot or toxins.

If you're interested in trying out Scentsy, contact me today and ask for some free samples.

Combine and Save:

Perfect Scentsy PremiumPerfect Scentsy Premium

(Best Value)


Buy Perfect Scentsy Premium Combine and Save

Perfect Scentsy Deluxe Combine and SavePerfect Scentsy Deluxe


Buy Perfect Scentsy Deluxe Combine and Save

Scentsy 6 bar pack combine and saveScentsy Bar 6 pack

(Best Value)


Buy Scentsy 6 bar pack

Scentsy 3 bar packScentsy Bar 3 Pack

£14Buy Scentsy 3 bar pack

Scentsy shower cream combine and save Shower Cream 6 pack



Buy Scentsy Shower Cream


Scentsy Body Lotion 6  pack 6 pack Body Lotion


Buy Scentsy Body Lotion 6 pack

Scentsy Washer Whiffs Washer Whiffs


Buy Scentsy Washer Whiffs

Body Fragrance 6 pack 6 pack Body Fragrance


Buy Body Fragrance 6 pack

Scentsy Shower Cream 3 pack combine and save  

Shower Cream 3 pack


Buy Scentsy shower cream

Daily Pamper PackDaily Pamper Pack


Buy Daily Pamper Pack

Hand Cream 3 pack Hand Cream 3 pack


Buy Hand Cream

Body Lotion 3 pack Scentsy Body Lotion 3 pack


Buy Scentsy lotion

Handsoap 6 pack by Scentsy Hand Soap 6 pack


Buy Scentsy Handsoap

Scentsy Handsoap 3 pack Hand Soap 3 pack


Buy Scentsy Handosap

Scentsy Body Fragrance 3 pack Body Fragrance 3 pack


Buy Scentsy Body Fragrance 3 pack

Scentsy Light Pamper PackLight Pamper Pack


Buy Scentsy Light Pamper Pack

Hand Cream 6 pack by Scentsy Hand Cream 6 pack


Buy Scentsy Hand Cream 6 pack

Scent Pak Combine and Save Scent Pak 3 pack


buy scentsy scent pak 3 multi pack


Our combine and save multi-packs are one of the best ways to save money with Scentsy next to hosting a Scentsy Party of course.  They are available across our product range and a wide range of prices.   One of the best ways to take advantage of these cost saving bundles is to either stock up on bars when you can or tell your friends about Scentsy and combine your orders.  If you are ordering more than 150£ or Euro then definitely get in contact with me because you could then qualify for hostess rewards which means free and 1/2 off goodies and we all love extra special offers like that now dont we?  Why pay full price for Scentsy if you could get it for free or 1/2 off through hostess rewards or then through one of our combine and save offers.


 Scentsy Products:

Here's the full range of Scentsy Products we have on offer in the UK.  My favourite is the Silhouette Collection with the Birdcage Wrap.  I'm also a big fan of the forest Scentsy Buddies and my personal favourite Scentsy Bars for this new season is Peppermint Dreams and Black Cherry.


He's Alive Scentsy Halloween Warmer

The Holiday Collection

Buy Scentsy Halloween

 Scentsy SIlhouette Collection 

Silhouette Collection

Buy Scentsy Silhouette Collection


 Scentsy Premium Warmers

Premium Warmers 

Buy Scentsy Premium Warmers


Scentsy Gallery Collection

Gallery Collection

Buy Scentsy Gallery Collection


buy mid size Scentsy Warmers in the UKDeluxe Warmers

Buy Deluxe Warmers Scentsy


Element Warmers





Scentsy Bars


 Buy Scentsy Buddies

Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy Buddies UK

 Scent Paks by Scentsy UK 

Scent Pak

Buy Scentsy UK

Shower cream UKScentsy Shower Cream

Buy Scented Candles UK

Body Lotion by Scentsy

  Scentsy Body Lotion

Buy Body Lotion UK


Body Fragrance by Scentsy

  Body Fragrance


Scentsy UK

Hand Soap

Hand Soap



Hand Cream

Buy Laundry Care by Scentsy Washer Whiffs

Washer Whiffs Scentsy UK

Scentsy Warmer


Gift Bundles by Scentsy Gift Bundles

Buy Scentsy Gift Bundles UK


Customer Loyalty Plan by ScentsyCustomer Loyalty 



How can I order?

1) Via phone 02086921815, 07447644586

2) Via email :

3) Click through via the pics above or for quick shopping go to my Scentsy sponsored website.

PAYMENT ACCEPTED:  Visa/Mastercard Debit/Credit cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer


Host a Party:

Live in the UK and want to get Scentsy at free or 1/2 off?  Contact me about Hosting a Scentsy Party.  Scentsy Parties are where you tell all your friends about Scentsy and collect orders.  When you get to £150 or above you qualify for free and 1/2 price goodies and the goodies will increase with the increase in orders.  There's no need to do a Scentsy party at home, you can do a catalogue, basket or online party.  Its really a fantastic way to get the products you love at a discount. 

Scentsy Parties are far, far different to parties you may be used to. They are simple and NO PRESSURE.  Just invite your friends over for a night together.  We'll play some games (or not)....what you want to do for the evening is completely up to you.

Now booking Parties, contact me today to find out available dates:


Book a Scentsy Party in the UK




Scentsy UK


Sell/Join Scentsy in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

Join Scentsy in the United Kingdom


Want More Information First?


The popular American direct sales company Scentsy arrived in the UK in April 2011.  Since then we've had huge growth in a very short time and is actually growing at a faster rate than the USA when it started in 2004 (which has grown about 300% every year).  It is an incredible opportunity to earn income for yourself or your family when you join Scentsy as a consultant in Europe and sell Scentsy candles.  Because its so new there's a lot of room to grow and huge potential for you and your new business. 

 I am a Scentsy Consultant actually in the U.K. unlike many who are in the USA, so when you contact me I can answer all your questions about becoming a consultant in this country.  Although you can join with a US sponsor if you feel more comfortable...many have no idea what its like in the United Kingdom and end up messaging UK Scentsy consultants like myself asking for suggestions.  What's different about Scentsy and other direct sales is the level of support you receive....its absolutely amazing.  I would be here every step of the way and we would also have the support of our US team leader and superstar director above us.  Our Superstar Director is one of the top consultants in Scentsy and one of the founding consultants with Scentsy as well. She knows how to be successful with Scentsy and combined with my local knowledge and living in the UK....well it would be a great way to start your Scentsy journey.


Some common questions I get about joining Scentsy here in the UK are:

1) How would I go about selling Scentsy?

- Scentsy can't be sold retail but can be sold personally via parties, fundraising events, online, shows, events or approaching businesses to use Scentsy.  The passion for the products make Scentsy easy to sell.  You'd tell everyone in your inner circle and then work on telling the people you don't know.  As long as you work everyday on your Scentsy'll make progress.


2) I don't know can I sell Scentsy?

-I'm an American expat who lives in London, England.  Although I've been here for 11 yrs my circle of friends is extremely limited.  All my family are in America.  I was very worried about the same thing when I joined Scentsy here in the would I sell this when I don't know anyone. have to start getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people.  There's networking meetings, events, shows, groups, church's, etc.  Anywhere there's people (including the checkout line) you can talk to them about Scentsy.  If I can manage with Scentsy with my limited can do it too.

3) How much can I make selling Scentsy?

-Here's a link to the Scentsy compensation plan.  You start off with 20% commission from sales from selling Scentsy products and then the commission increases based on your recruits and how well they do.  Some only want to earn extra income to supplement their full time jobs whilst others like Superstar Directors can earn six figure incomes.  There's no guarantees about income with Scentsy because its completely up to you and what you want to make YOUR Scentsy business in to.

4) What is Scentsy?

-Scentsy is a safer, healthier, better alternative to scented candles.  They are electric candle warmers...there's no tea lights, no need to add water.  There's 80 scents to choose from and they last a very long time typically 60-80 hrs depending on the size of the room, etc.  They make a cheaper alternative to other jar candles and a safer one as well.

5) What do I get for the price of the starter kit?

You get a starter kit with over £250 in products and your website free for the first 3 months.  The starter kit includes business supplies to get you started.  You can purchase more business supplies when you run out.

6) What other perks are there to joining Scentsy?

Team incentives, chances to earn all expense paid 5 star vacations, awards and making lifelong friends with your Scentsy family. The support you receive and the generosity of this company will blow your mind. x

Curious about the current UK products? Here's the current catalogue:

Scentsy UK Catalogue Fall Winter 2013



If you have questions about joining Scentsy in the UK feel free to contact me

Otherwise if you're ready to take the leap click the link below:








Other locations:  Scentsy Ireland | Scentsy USA | Scentsy España | Scentsy DeutschlandScentsy France | Scentsy Luxembourg Scentsy Italia | Scentsy Österreich | Scentsy Canada